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We Need To Talk About Female Pleasure

Why we need to talk about Female Pleasure.

Did you know that women are enjoy sex too?

They are allowed amazing orgasms (we don't have to pretend them forever). They can pleasure themselves. They can own a vibrator. They can say what they want. They can want sex just as much as men. They can say they enjoy it without it being god damn taboo. This is why we need to talk about female pleasure.

I remember a good few year back I felt somewhat ashamed to say that I owned a vibrator or never had an orgasm (at the time). I was embarrassed to explore my own body, I didn’t know her sexually at all. I wasn’t even taught it but somewhere down the line, I was made to believe that men only enjoyed sex. Like you were having sex because of the man. At this point I realise I was sexually attracted to women too, but that’s a whole different story. One thing I never knew about, was the fact that a woman can in fact pleasure herself. Why were we not made aware of this? Why are we made to feel like it’s a sin? Or something we shouldn’t admit to?

We should feel empowered not ashamed. If you don’t feel this way? That is a reason why we SHOULD be talking about this.

Getting my first vibrator was exciting. I kept asking myself 'why haven't I done this sooner?!!!'. It was the first time I ever properly took time to get to know myself. It was interesting and new, and I’d never felt more connected to myself. I also remember when I bought it, I was nervous and scared and once again felt like I was doing something wrong. I remember looking at the lady in the shop like, I am sorry!!! I still sit here now and question myself why I ever thought that buying something that was going to bring me joy, was ever wrong? Ask yourself the same thing.

Recently Zoe Sugg, the owner of the brand Zoella, wrote a blog post about the best sex toys to spice up your life in 2021. If you were living under a rock and didn’t see that in fact blew up all over the internet and the paper. For some reason, people thought it was wrong that Zoe, had the blog posted for young girls to see. That’s absurd! So many women then came forward about not being able to talk about it and feeling like that can't or shouldn't. Firstly, Zoe’s audience is 25-30, secondly, why aren’t 16-20-year-old girls allowed to know what vibrators and touching themselves is???? Get in the real world. Women like orgasms. Women like sex. That's life. 

Maybe if we were taught this at a younger age, we wouldn’t create this unrealistic view of what sex is and isn’t. Aka, real sex isn’t like porn. Also, do you think if we educated women better, then they wouldn’t feel so ashamed? They would be able to talk to their partners like normal human beings and tell them what they want or what they like!

In my opinion, we should talk about it more. We should embrace it. We should inspire our women to explore and love their bodies. With that comes confidence and self-appreciation. Sex then can become a whole new experience for you. You may find a vibrator is what you need to help you reach that orgasm or you can start to find the places you like to be touched. Plus did you know that orgasms help with period cramps? The more you know aye. 

If you feel ashamed, please ask yourself why?

No matter where you are in your journey. If you are wanting to try a bit more. I encourage you to do so. Thank me later 😉

Holli Jessi x


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