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Valentines Day Date Ideas 2021

 Soooo, Valentines day is this weekend and of course what we can and can't do this year is incredibly limited. I thought I'd try and provide some ideas of different things you could do while staying indoors. I remember back in the first lockdown I wrote a post on Lockdown date ideas, I didn't think I'd be writing one for Valentines a year on either.

Now I know, not everyone is a fan of valentines day. Many see it as another silly day. It's weirdly demonised upon single people. I know when I was single, I used to want to make a statement of that I can show love in various aspects of my life and it doesn't require a partner. I loved the idea of having a day dedicated to that and things loveeee. Then I met my boyfriend and obviously I love it even more. I'd never celebrated valentines with a partner before. It's fair to say, I am well and truly a sucker for love and romance and all that soppy sh*t, shoot me. 

Howeveerrrr the things I am going to suggest in this post you could very easily do with friends. Galentines anyone? 

Spending the day at home together: 

  • Have a cocktail night together: I mean I obviously was going to slide this one in first, I have a boyfriend who is an aspiring mixologist, makes the best cocktails and I love drinking them. What could be better? Not only that but this is a great thing you could do together, have fun with it, while learning something new and get a lil tipsy. It might also lead to things getting a little heated after, who's complaining? 
  • Full on movie night: I mean duvets, blankets, cushions, your fave film, fairy lights, candles and allll the popcorn! Obviously. If you have the room you could even get yourself a movie projector and go all out.
  • Cook your favourite food together: Pop on some music, set the table all fancy, cook your favourite food. Then head off separately to get ready (dress up or comfy) and imagine you were out on a date night in a restaurant. 
  • Bake together: Something you could do throughout the day or in the evening. Baking is one of them things everyone loves and something you may really enjoy with your partner. 
  • Order your favourite take away: Similar to above, if you don't fancy the cooking. Make the room all cute and cosy, either dress down in your PJ's or get dressed up if you fancy, and tuck into your fave take away.
  • Spa Session: Do you both love a good pamper? Set up your own little spa night, pop open some bubbles, and talk about all your fave memories. Don't forget your fave chocolate too! Oh and the massage oil...
  • Games night: For all the gamers out there, whether you enjoy video games or board games, you could have a date night totally filled with both.
  • Cheese and Wine night: Create your own fancy cheese board with all your favourite cheeses, you could even cut them into hearts if you want to add that extraa cheeesse. Pop open your favourite wine, sit, chat and simply enjoy each others company. 
  • Breakfast in Bed: Best who doesn't love a delicious breakfast and even more so when it's in bed? alternatively you could recreate a breakfast style date seen as we can't go out brunching! You could add some balloons, rose petals, fairy lights, scatter photos or memories of you both. Make it completely valentines galore. 

Spending the day apart: 

  • Movie night: Just like above, you could have a movie night apart. The exact same things but watching the film at the same time separately. Pop yourselves on video call, get your snacks, candles, big blankets. Maybe even something to hold that reminds you of them. 
  • Order a takeaway at the same time: You could both get glammed up, video call and order a takeaway for the same time. Rather than being sad about not being together. Talk about your favourite things about each other, your favourite memories. Or you could pretend its like a first date again and re get to know each other, may be a bit of fun and enlighten a lil excited spark!
  • Both cook together: This again could be done over video call! Decide on something you both want to cook or bake together and see who's comes out best. We all love friendly competition, haha. After you could sit and enjoy a virtual dinner date with the food you've both made!
  • Plan future things and date you want to go on: Of course if it doesn't upset you too much. Both grab a drink, some snacks and sit and make a big mood board or list of all the things you are looking forward to or want to do when you can again!
  • Send them a package of all their favourite things: This could be a really cute and thoughtful thing to do for one another and doesn't have to cost much. You could put together a little box/package full of little thoughtful things you know they love, like their favourite chocolate, a book you know they'll love or a cute teddy. You could even pop in a handwritten letter reminding them of all the things you love about them! You could then both open them together on video.

I hope this post has sparked some ideas for valentines this year! and of course you could mix and match, cook your favourite food and follow it with cocktail making or bake all day and order your favourite takeaway, turn the whole day into a sexy ass spa day and then settle down for a movie night. 

Honestly after the time we've had recently, you bloody deserve it! 

Holli x


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