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3 Ways to Get Out of a Motivational Rut.

I'm with you Sista. 2021 feels like a redoing of 2020, if not worse and we are only 21 days in. Last week I had a motivation down fall x10. I didn't feel like doing anything, with a to do list as long as my 5'3" body, it sent me into a put of not wanting to do any of it even more. The vicious circle continues. You know exactly the type of thing I am talking about. 

I find it harder when you are normally a very self motivated person. I love all of the things I do and usually itching to crack on with day to day life but sometimes life just sucks. And at the moment, January isn't feeling very 'new year' and more 'where's the hope for the future?'. I can't be the only one who feels that way, surely. So how on Earth are any of us meant to have any piece of motivation right now? Here's a few things I have been doing this week to give me a boost to get out of a complete rut. Luckily, there is a little dark cloud lifting. 

What can you control and what can you not? 

We are currently in one of the most unexpected situations which no one could've predicted. I'm learning what is the point in getting frustrated over things in which we cannot control? I know easier said that done however to hold myself accountable from the endless worrying about the uncontrollable, I have written a list. We all know I love a list. If you are anxious and frustrated about things changing or plans changing (like me), you may want to try this too. 

Grab yourself a piece of paper and on one side write 'WHAT I CAN CONTROL' and on the other side write 'WHAT I CANT CONTROL (right now) - SO STOP WORRYING'. Then write in each section the things you can choose to put your energy into and brain dump the things you can't change right now, so can deal with them later, when life is clearer. For example, I know that I can control the amount of CPD work I do to add to my placement hours along with virtual placement options rather than choosing to worry about face to face placements which just aren't possible right now. So what is the point in worrying? Let's put my energy into what I can do. It just makes more sense. 

Ask for a little bit of help - It wont kill you. 

This has been a BIG learning curve for me, especially as a student. Ask for some god damn help. I went through my first two years of uni thinking I was weak or stupid if I asked for any kind of help. Most of the time I don't even need specific help with the work itself sometimes it simply is just some motivational guidance. So at the start of this week I asked for a meeting with a lecturer I know I gel with and can talk to. I explained how I just felt deflated, my motivation was at 0 and like my brain was 100 mph. She understood completely because funnily enough she felt the same. It was just nice to know it wasn't just me watching the date on the calendar go by and not many ticks off of my to do list. Then she simply helped me figure out what I mentioned above - what I can do right now and what I can't. Then set a few deadlines and some focus points. Instantly I felt better and like everything was more manageable. 

Now I know not everyone here will be students however that doesn't stop you ask for help with someone you trust around you. That may be from a college, partner, friend or family member. Having someone else lay things out in from of you can sometimes help your organise your thoughts and stop them racing around like something from a race course. 

Focus in on one thing - Lets stop getting overwhelmed!

I always thought writing a big to do list was the option when I felt a bit out of control and low in the zone of motivation. But I am maybe learning that it isn't (always) the best option. I find myself going from one thing to another, and another and another, resulting in not much being done at all. Or maybe a very tidy room and a big cry because that's what I've decided to do when I've got too overwhelmed. If you know you are feeling like that, try giving yourself one focus. For example 'write 500 words of my essay' - stick to that and try not to go off on a tangent of anything else you need to do, it can wait. 

Hopefully these little tips will help you in feeling like you're in a rut with work or just life. One last little point, if you need it... take a day off. IT can sometimes work wonders. We can't do anything if we are completely burned out, can we? 


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