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GIFT GUIDE - For Everyone


Okayyyyyy, the Christmas posts have officially begun. I flipping love December. So I am making life easy for you right now, you're welcome. I thought rather than me bombarding you with a tonne of different gift guides, I would simply bring you 2 different gift guides which you can pick and choose and you please! Today I am going to give you a range of ideas which you could give to your partner, mum, dad, brother, sister, best friend and so on. Disclaimer... These are all very subjective to what I would pick, obviously what I've put under brother you may want to get for your dad or what I've put for girlfriend you may want to get for your boyfriend. You get the gist. There isn't a right or wrong my darlings. 

So in reality it's just a load of ideas to help any of you stuck for ideas, its very easily done! 

On Wednesday I'm going to be bringing you a post full of small independent businesses you can buy gifts from this year, so keep you lil eyes peeled for that one. 

For Boyfriend: 

  • Trainers - You cannot go wrong. 
  • Hoodies - Ps. you can steal this later on... hint, hint.
  • Video games - Because who doesn't love a happy boyfriend? 
  • Aftershave - Always a winner!
  • Books - If your partner enjoys reading, I find a book is a really good gift. 
  • Coat/Jacket - Winter is the perfect time!

For Dad: 
  • Slippers and Pyjamas - Keep em comfy. 
  • Grooming products - Always appreciated!
  • Any cooking utensils and gadgets - A man and his toys... 
  • Books -Again you cannot go wrong! 

For Brother: 

  • Video Games - Just an easy winner all round really. 
  • Alcohol related gifts - At the right age of course... 
  • Cook book - is he into his cooking? 
  • Winter jumpers - is he into his fashion? 
  • A nice planner - He'll never forget your birthday again

For Girlfriend: 

  • Perfume - I promise you can not go wrong with this one, just make sure you get a scent she likes, obviously 
  • Boots - The perfect addition to a winter wardrobe 
  • Plants - Isn't every persona a plant mum right now? 
  • Coats/Jackets - Keep em snuggly 
  • Pyjamas - Sexy or cute, either works 

For Mum: 

  • Jewellery - A cute sentimental gift can go far and mean so much! 
  • Handbag/Purse - The perfect addition to an outfit. 
  • Dressing gown - Christmas day cosiness, yes pleassseee! 
  • Candles or Diffusers - Cannot beat some nice smelling gifts. 
  • A nice bottle of gin and glasses - For the mums who love a tipple. 

For Sister: 

  • Perfume/Tanning Sets - Because we all love to pamper!
  • Loungewear - We are all wearing it right now, cannot go wrong. 
  • Personalised journals - For those who love to write. 
  • Photo frame and photo - Photos are such a good way to capture memories and great gifts. 
  • Make up/wash bags - You can also pop in extra gifts in these too! 

I hope this mini gift guide/ideas has helped you, and remember to keep your eyes open for Wednesday post all around independent business you can buy from! 

Lots of love, 

Holli x


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