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How to deal with Bad Body image days (or moments)

Them pesky days when nothing looks right, feels right and you don't feel comfortable in your body. Nothing looks right, nothing feels right and you cannot seem to shift it. Sometimes its just for a moment and sometimes it can go on and on and on. I want to make it clear before we carry on:

 1 These opinions are all my own and how I personally deal with it, so if you don't agree I am very sorry, 2. These days I believe are normal and there is nothing wrong with you. Okay, got it? Brill, lets move on. 

I get these weird moments when a feeling of 'I don't feel right when I look in the mirror' merges into many other things. You know the ones, right? I could be having a perfectly fine day, and boom one glance that's not right or one picture I have over analysed, and my mind is on a downward spiral of 'WHY do you look like that?'. However I will say it's not always mirror orientated, sometimes it's just there, does that makes sense? Like I could wake up and not even have to look at my body and I know I am going to feel completely off with it. 

How do I get through it? Honestly, sometimes I don't know, and that's okay. Like I truly believe it's okay to just fricken get through something without having to know all the in's and outs. It's like I have learned to deal with telling my mind to shut the f*ck up every now and then. Like when it points out my calves are bigger than hers or you look an odd shape today, eh shut the F up, I am carrying on with my day, bu-bye. 

But what about the days where it is simply... Just. Too. Much. 

Know your triggers. I say this without sounding like I am being patronising because who do we know better than ourselves? But honestly it took me so long to discover what makes my brain tick. Triggers are everything. Knowing what triggers you in any sense can help prevent you from falling down that rabbit hole to begin with. I know when I sit with myself for too long i.e. looking in the mirror, second guessing myself and so on. Really doesn't help my mind when I feeling this way. It make the whole feeling and situation worse. So when I can sense I feel a bit off that day, I avoid it at all costs!  

Comparison, stop that sh*t, please. I am so guilty of it, so again not patronising, I promise. Comparison is absolutely pointless, it achieves nothing. Don't get me wrong, I believe you can 'compare' in a good way too, like you can admire that gals outfit and think yasss, I'm going to take inspo from that. However it's incredibly detrimental when you're hating yourself in the process. Wishing you were someone else or looked like someone else to the intricate details, only leads to more self hate. Here comes the cliché part, but we are all SO individual, we all have parts of us that make us who we are. No comparison or putting ourselves down is going to change who we are. So it's best we just move on. 

Seek love from your closest. Whether that is your mum , best friend, your partner, sister, brother, Nana, who ever it may be! Find someone who can shower you in love. I will often say to Ste 'I am not feeling too great today, could you help me feel better about myself'. You would be surprised how much someone complimenting you and loving you makes a difference. It's not sounding big headed or needy. It's literally reinsuring your brain that you've not turned into a ugly monster over night. Sorry, that was probably harsh. But true. 

Comforts. Probably the most simplest way to sometimes make yourself feel that tiny bit better. I find the days I am battling my body, finding any clothes that look right are impossible. Go with your safe outfit or a pair of joggers an leggings you know will make you feel okay. Big hoodies are my saviour. I find if I pop on a pair of leggings, a big hoodie and a pair of Nikes and crack on with my day, the bad mood has usually passed by the time I could and think about it again. 

One for the women (apologies to anyone males reading this) but PLEASE remember your period and cycle. Our bodies change through out the month, boobs get better and smaller, ew become more bloated, legs feel weird etc. I always find I feel worse about my body the days running up to my period (not always but most of the time), I forget about this wonder why my body feels like a green monster, see the blood and ahhhhhh 'light bulb' moment!!!!!! 

Lastly, give yourself more love. Please please please. You deserve it. Remember that feelings are temporary and sometimes feelings aren't true. I think it's super important to keep this in mind if you are having a bad body image day, that it will pass. It will. And whether you believe it or not, keep reminding yourself just how beautiful you are. 


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