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A catch up and new interior bits and bobs!


It's been so god damn long since I sat and wrote a blog post. I mean a little overdramatic as it's been literally a month but I've missed it! I thought it was about time I sat and wrote till my hearts content and get back into the groove of things. 

I'll start with a catch up on things that have been happening the past month. Honestly it's not been that exciting (apart from me already singing Christmas songs and drinking pumpkin spice lattes). I've started my final year of uni like I mentioned in the past post. It's crazy, a miracle... I have never felt so motivated and organised!!! Can you believe it? I am so determined to do well this year and achieve the things in which I want to. We have started a personal development and business module which I've surprisingly found such a interest in. I just have a good feeling about my future after uni for like the first time, so that's a complete bonus! 

Numerous personal things have been happening the past month which I am not going to go into too much detail with. But the most important thing is we are still going - I am constantly living by my favourite quote "Not everyday is a good day, but there is good in every day". 

The past month, emotions have been completely been all over and my mind has been occupied with 101 things. It's been a lot of busy days and a lot of duvet days. My creative spark was none existent, but I am hoping if I just start writing again it will flow back into place. And if you are out there reading this and do happen to miss my endless rambling blog posts, don't worry, they will continue. 

Moving on...Something I have been loving lately, is everything interior! Although, I do still live in a student flat. I am starting to buy new bits and bobs for when me and boyfriend move into our first place (I know Miss Eager!). I thought I would share some of them with you, to spice this post up a little and in case you are interested! (They may be good for cheeky Christmas presents!) 

Resin Art Coasters

I am honestly in love with these and in awe of resin art. I am all for supporting small business and got these from a lady called @liz.makez on Instagram! She can completely custom make them to your preferences, so I would highly recommend if you want some unusual coasters for your home! 

Rose Gold Initials

I absolutely fell in love with these when I stumbled across them in next and absolute had to get a H & S for me and Ste. They were only £6 each and the perfect home accessory. Maybe not 100% essiential but 150% necessary, right? 

Curtain Fairy Lights

I cannot express to you just how long I have wanted curtain fairy lights that fill the whole wall! I had some last year which were not the best, they were way too spaced out and didn't reach the floor, very pointless. However I cam across these on Amazon, and honestly, they are my favourite! One thing I will add is they took me over and hour the get up... but totally worth it. 

'Choose happy' Sign 

I picked up this cute sign from Primark a couple of weeks ago, as it fits the black, white and neutrals theme I want to go for. This is perfect if you want a little more character to a room, can easily be hanged or used as a photo frame. 

I know this post wasn't the most exciting, but I promise I've got some good bits to come! (I am literally sat planning now!). Christmas is just around the corner, and we know I am well and truly a December baby! I hope you are all doing well and I shall speak with you very soon. 

Holli Jessi x


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