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Hello September!

Hey September! Can we say that this is the start of 2020? Please. I think we can all agree this has already been one hell of a year. Autumn is well and truly on it's way and I couldn't be happier. One thing I love about seasons, is how they feel like a new mini beginning during the year. Each season has it's own quirks and I love that. If you know me personally, or anything about me you will know 1. I love Autumn and Winter, 2. I fricken adore Christmas time. I feel like September is a good point to wipe a tiny slate clean. I know this year has happened and most of it has been sh*t but it's not over yet and there is (touch wood) many things to still look forward to. 

What's happening at the moment? 

Firstly, if you haven't seen my insta, I have fricken changed my hair colour to orange!!! I cannot express to you just how long I have been wanting to do this (aka a very long time). If you followed me years and years ago you will be very aware that the journey with my hair has been a bit of a rocky one. My hair is my pride and joy but I also hate anything natural. We were born to stand out right? Luckily I found a brilliant hair colour specialist in Leeds City centre and I couldn't be any god damn happier. Autumn vibes am I right? 

I finally go back to uni soon as a 3rd year student. Where on Earth has that time gone? I cannot quite believe that this time next year I'll be a fully qualified sport therapist back out into the big ass world. As much as that scares me, I am beyond excited to see where this next year takes me and what opportunities arise. Obviously with the current situation finding a placement is proving to be difficult. But I wanted to include this little section, as a way to tell future Hollie that she's going to make it. So I can look back and be like 'YASSS GURL you did it!!!' 


Coming towards the last few months of the year, I thought it would be a good time to reflect, reground and possibly set some goals. 

I want to write more. I know I probably say this more times than I can count. But I really want to hold myself accountable for writing more towards (fingers crossed) a possible book one day. I know one of my downfalls is not getting things done in the fear of failure and doubt. So I am trying my hardest to just keep writing a little bit each day. 

Along with this I was to keep up with regular blog posts without being let down when I think they haven't helped or inspired someone. And to write what I want to bloody write rather than thinking what someone will want to hear. Usually the posts I come out and write without thinking too much into end up the most inspiring or useful posts. And I know most people will not want to read this rambling but I love it so why not?

Find a placement and crack on with uni work. As mentioned above, incredibly difficult right now, but we got this. Being out of the swing of things for months has been a big kick to the system and my brain cells. I feel a bit all over with everything but then again who doesn't? Hopefully going back to uni things will start to make a little more sense because right now everything is completely out of whack! 

Look after my mental health more. This will always be a top goal of time because it's always true. Looking after your mind is just as important as looking after your body, if not more. Your mind is so powerful and has a on going impact on your physical self. During lockdown, I found a time to slow down and find a inner calm (I'm pretty sure many of you did too). Despite the world being in the unknown, a sense of calmness, community, love and peace passed through many. It allowed people with ever going busy minds and lives to slow down. I want to make sure I carry on with some sense of calmness in my life. Over the years I have developed the habit that I need to be busy 24/7, constantly comparing myself the other people across social media (BIG DOWNFALL). Like boo, you don't need to be busy and working all the time. Give yourself a break. 

Autumn is here! What's upcoming? 

Well in my eyes Autumn is here okay! 

GIVE ME the candles and hot chocolates and blankets and pumpkins!!!

So what is to come in the last months of the year? 

All the cosy winter posts are coming your way. I want to make more memories this Autumn/Winter and capture them all. I am planning on doing some hauls and gift lists! I am also beginning to buy things for mine an d Ste's first placed (HOW EXCITING). So be prepared for some serious d├ęcor take over. 

I am also going to be bringing a lot of wellbeing and mental health posts. I think this time of year especially, we need a bit of self care. 

IS ANYONE EXCITED FOR THE AUTUMN FASHION???? Because I am! I cannot wait for big oversized knits, dresses with boots, scarfs, hats and all the colours! 

Lastly, I am planning on starting a YouTube channel which I am VERY excited for!!! Be prepared for all the winter vlogs and hauls coming your way. 

Basically I cannot wait to get my groove back into being a busy bee (with rest of course) and ready for the festive seasons. 


What are your goals for the rest of the year? Are you excited to zone down or do you have a busy schedule planned? 


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