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Getting Organised for University.

With the start of uni creeping back up again, I thought it was the perrrrfect time to talk about organisation. We all know I bloody love it. I love a list (I have no shame!). Now I am not saying I am the most perfectly organised person you'll ever meet, in fact my first year and start of my second year of uni, I was a big unorganised mess!!! It wasn't until August last year I got my sh*t together (it happens to the best of us). So if you are just about to fly the nest, a student still crying for help, maybe you're not even a student and need some organised get your sh*t together guidance... I am hopefully here to help you on your way. 

1. Get a bloody Diary. 

Honestly I beg of you. Getting a diary is probably the only way I make sure my head stays screwed on or I would quite literally forget everything. The best ones I find are the ones where you get a page per day and can literally plan your day to a T. I usually will write down anything important I need doing, anything I need to remember, I write down my budgets in there, workouts, you name it. Whether it's an appointment, lecture, meeting, deadline, anniversaries, coffee date etc. Write it down. At least you know you are not going to forget everything and upset your friend Suzie by forgetting her birthday or cross over your hair appointment with your essay deadline. 

2. To do lists. 

On that note  - lets talk about lists, where would I be without a to do list? I always find lists are good to  separate from my diary. They help you to zone in on that specific day. Don't try to write things which are 3 weeks down the line though, I find day by day works best. If you've got 'get mums birthday present due in 3 weeks on there' and 'finish essay due in two days', our minds are wonderful and jumping to the idea of going shopping rather than finishing that pesky essay. But which one is more essiential? You can very easily get mums present after the essay writing. 

3. Setting your own deadlines. 

I found this helps me hold myself way more accountable. When I go to the deadline which is set, I can get lazy and leave it till the very last minute (I said I'm only human right!). Try and set your own mini deadlines, for example if you're writing an essay - 'by Thursday I will have this section completed'. I feel like if you break big deadlines, into mini deadlines, the whole thing seems less overwhelming. 

4. Filing! Get everything where you can easily find it. 

One of my biggest mistakes is I am a note writer, whether it be typing them up on my laptop or never ending notebooks so it seems. Ya gal can write for her life! If you are like me, them make sure you keep everything filed and LABELED! Then you know where is where and what is what, even colour coding works good if you're more visual. I tend to use my laptop to keep the base copy of my notes and work then use paper notes and hardback files for extra revision or drawings (my fave way to learn). In my laptop, I have 3 files labelled years 1-3, when you go into each of them I have a file for each module, then inside that is any notes, work or reading! Trust me when I say this helps any anxious and stressed mind! 

5. Sleep sleep sleep! 

This isn't getting organised? How is sleep going to help in any way? Honestly, sleep is probably my biggest 'PLEASE DO THIS' on the whole list. Sleep is key to a lot of things but when it comes to thinking straight, concentration and being half with it... no sleep? None of them either. Which means you being organised = VERY UNLIKELY. In my first year of uni, I was a nightmare, I went through a terrible patch with drinking and going out and basically getting little to zero sleep. Not fun! Please for the love of god, between all the having fun, partying, late nights socialising or pulling your hair out in the library, please please please, get some sleep! I've found with a good sleeping pattern, and better routine, my concentration and productivity is so much better than when not. 

I hope these lil tips give you some inspiration or help in getting your head together and hopefully keeping on track of everything!


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