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Periods & Our Remedy CBD

Disclaimer: This product was kindly gifted by Our Remedy CBD 

Let's talk about everything periods and CBD Oil for women, who'd have thought to two go hand in hand? Well, I am here to tell you why they do. 

Periods and Moods. 

If you have read my blog for some time you'll know the journey with my period has been a very up and down one. Let me try to summarise the best I can. I started my period very early I was about 8 years old. Then when I began to lose weight and got diagnosed with Anorexia, I lost my period quickly and completely. My period didn't return properly for 7 years. I tried incredibly hard in 2017 to try and get it back, my hormones were very out of whack and it felt like my whole body was experiencing puberty again. It wasn't until November/December 2018 that I finally began having regular periods again. I became obsessed with tracking every moment, symptom, ovulation, and period. I've been so scared of losing it again ever since. Anyway, as I mentioned, hormones... Mine ever since have been all over. The week before my period, you don't want to know me. Tears, snapping, excitement, laughing, anger, more tears. It's like it's completely out of my control. Not only that but the cramps, oh my lord, the cramps. Last December I had an IUD copper coil fitted and while it hasn't had much of an impact on my cramps, they are still incredibly painful. I honestly pray for Ste through this period. Lastly, only recently has ovulation pain become a new thing in my cycle which is something I have never experienced. Around the days I go through ovulation, I experience extreme cramps and sharp pains on my right side (groin), I am quite emotional and my energy levels are very low. Putting all of this together, there are approximately 3 days in the month, I actually feel okay. 

What is CBD? 

You may have heard 'CBD' flying around and wondering what it is exactly. CBD isn't going to make you high, which comes from the THC cannabinoid, this is extracted out of CBD oil. Making it completely safe and legal. You can head over to Our Remedy CBD for more information. 

Our Remedy CBD. 

Around a month ago, I came across Our Remedy CBD who very kindly gifted me with a bottle of their CBD oil. As soon as I came across them I loved everything they stand for and they opened up my eyes to how CBD can help women through their menstrual cycles. I was amazed. I knew a bit about CBD oil but nothing like this. Everything from cramps, to hormone imbalances, PMS, anxiety, sleep, endometriosis, stress, and headaches. Coming from someone who suffers from their period and moods, I was eager to try. 

Not only that but Our Remedy CBD is fully vegan, not tested on animals, you can make it plastic-free by once you have the bottle you can reuse it! Their blend contains clary sage, an essential oil I have used previously, which is especially helpful for PMS. 

My Experience. 

I was skeptical because I knew how much of a pain in the ass my period but to my surprise, I saw changes. They were slow but coming up to my week of PMS, I was expecting a whirlwind of emotions as usual but they didn't come (or not as intense). I think I cried half of what I usually do, I wasn't snapping at Ste which I hate doing and I felt genuinely happier overall. Considering I had only been taking the oil a couple of weeks I was super pleased about this. 

When it came to pain, I'll admit it hasn't just completely vanished but like I mentioned above I do suffer from the pain pretty much most of the month and quite badly. HOWEVER, it has reduced. My PMS pain was nowhere near as bad and when my period started, it wasn't constant cramps but bursts of little bits of pain. That I could deal with. Put it this way I wasn't grabbing my hot water bottle and slamming back the painkillers. 

In terms of sleep, I am a good sleeper anyway but usually, around my period my anxiety is higher and sleeping can be adjusted. To put it simply while taking CBD oil, I am most certainly out like a light. My anxiety certainly lowered, I know this because I haven't taken in the past week and my anxiety and sleep pattern has been all over. So I know that it has been helping there. 

Overall, I am incredibly pleased with how much this has actually helped me. I wasn't expecting it at all! I will certainly be continuing to use it. 

How to take it! 

I wanted to add this part in as many people are probably wondering how it tastes, how you take it etc. This is what I loved about Our Remedy CBD, they have infused a peppermint flavor into their oil making it completely easy to pop under your tongue without horrible cannabis after taste. This makes it super easy to take in the morning and at night. However, I was over on their blog and found some other interesting ways to add CBD into your diet/life. Due to the peppermint taste, you can add it to a hot chocolate or they recently posted two cocktails to make with CBD oil!!! Which I am certainly going to be trying.

For more information or to grab your own CBD, head to: 


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