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Chit chat and a catch up.

I'm absolutely loving writing at the moment, I mean I always have but right now it's certainly keeping my sanity in check. On that note I thought I'd come have a little chit chat and life catch up over on the blog. Just to fill you in on a bit of a round up really, whats happening in life, some plans for the future, workouts I've been enjoying, products or things I've been loving. If you know me in person you'll know I love to ramble. A lot. 


I think life is crazy for just about everyone right now, so there isn't much to update than we've all been pretty much inside, going for a run or making a banana bread. Despite this there has been some super positive things happening in my life. I got a new phone. Spent too much money on trainers, clothes and beauty products (the fact I'm not spending as much money out seemed to justify this, anyone else?). Aced my skin care routine. I'm incredibly in love (although I miss my partner a lot). Made some flapjacks. Had a good cry (most days). And I've been having a few therapy sessions again which I have found incredibly useful. I haven't had any form of therapy since I was around 17, so it's been quite refreshing. I'm in a place of my life where I'm so open to learning and discovering about myself and why my brain works the way it does. Life is one big self discovery journey and you are always growing and learning about yourself and the world around you. There isn't one shoe that's fits all, even for you. Always welcome to bettering and changing yourself.


Yes, I'm still at uni (just about), plodding along trying to get used to now practically teaching myself a bloody degree. Uni student's will feel this. I've nearly finished my second year thankfully, then one year left until I'm finally a qualified sport therapist! I write for the universities blog and I'm a carer for my mum (That's why you may have seen me currently change location). This my work for now and I'm grateful to have these. That's kind of the plan, graduate, move to a job in sport therapy/personal training and take it from there. Along with that still sticking to my writing (of course!), I've currently been working on my writing a lot and have a book idea I've begun chipping away at. Even if it takes me years I don't mind. There are so many things I want to do in life. I don't want to be placed in one box.

One thing I've found really useful at the moment, is making sure I have set days where I am going to do work and days where I don't. It's extremely useful to separate them days. For me I've found keeping my weekends work free and work days split into the various things I need to get done allows me to find that balance.

Future thinking. 

I try not to think too far ahead but I'm so fricken excited for the future at the moment which something I've never really felt until this point of my life. I feel I'm in a good place physically, mentally, and with life going forward. It's a nice feeling. With the last year of uni approaching, keeping my plans for my career and saving money so me and Ste can move into our first place next year!!! I'm so damn excited for this. We've been talking so much about the future recently and it's a new chapter and something I am very much looking forward to after uni. That's the plan at the moment.

Moving my body.

Over the past few months I have 100% fallen back in love with exercise and fitness. Before we went into lockdown I was in such a rut. I've been trying to work on some of my injuries, I was feeling very uncomfortable in the gym, I was doing things I didn't want to do and when I wasn't focusing on my injuries my workouts were getting boring. It was just all a bit blegh. However since I've been doing workouts at home, going on more walks, got back into yoga, had plenty of days where I've hardly moved and not put too much pressure on myself. I've found I'm loving the mix up of things a lot! I've got back into doing circuits on the days I have the energy, yoga when I need a zen down or a stretch and walking most days to take myself away from life and enjoy the world around me. The mix up of things has really motivated me. Plus the rehab I've been doing on my lower back and shoulder has really helped, I am now able to do most movements pain free. It's the best feeling ever!

Current things I've been loving. 

Eye masks are my current obsession! I have been using these Beauty Pro under eye masks with collagen and green tea extract  and I have been loving them. They instantly give me a more refreshed and awake feeling, I've also noticed a difference in the dark circles under my eyes giving them a plumper, hydrated look.

Trying out various colours and looks on my eyes has also been something I've been doing during lockdown . I've never in my life been a big make up guru and for a long time I didn't know how. Let's not talk about my 2016 brows. Wow. I'm learning however and I've been loving trying it out! I've been religiously using Makeup Obession 'So Dope' palette  and Doll Beauty Taylor Lashes! Love love love.

I've been giving myself a lot more time to read the past few weeks and have already got through quite a few books. A few weeks ago I started reading the series Eve of Man Trilogy by Tom Fletcher and Giovanna Fletcher. When I picked up the first on oh my god I couldn't put it down, I think I finished it in two days and the second one in a day. I was obsessed. If you like a good dystopian, love story, with some twists and turns. Then these books are for you. I became very invested in the characters from the beginning and felt like the story flowed incredibly well.

So that's pretty much most of my life up to date right now. I'm thinking of writing some more posts like this, every month or other month as a bit of a catch up and share with you the things I've been enjoying. Let me know what you think.

Speak soon,

Holli Jessi x


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