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A letter to myself.

This time around two years ago, I wrote a post titled  'Dear Body...'. I've come a longggg way since then, so I thought I would recreate that letter.

Rather than just writing this to my body, I am writing it to me, all of me. Writing a letter to yourself as if you were external person can be so helpful in being kinder to yourself. Imagine it were your best friend (because you are your own best friend). Give it a go yourself!


I want to write to you to finally give you the acceptance you've always longed for. The self love you've always craved. The ability to be who you are, just as you are. I know we last talked about your body but now I want to talk about all of you. 

Confidence, like we last talked about, you still have it. I'm so bloody proud of that. Things have however altered that over the years, I know that and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for anyone who has hurt you or manipulated you, I am sorry I let that happen. I want you to know you are enough just as you are inside and out. No one should allow you to feel any less. You should be confident in exactly who you are, the way you talk, the way you think, your opinions, your fashion sense, your hair, face, your body. Everything. Flaunt it. Be it. Show it. Be confident in what you do and never give up in that. Stay true to who you are.

Body. You have been through the most up and down and crazy ass journey. I am astonished the amount you have taken on like a complete bad ass (may I add) but I am forever grateful. Thank you for being you always. Thank you for healing, for growing, for getting stronger, for being god damn sexy. You are cherished. I am so lucky to have you be so powerful and healthy, something I will never take for granted again. I am sorry for the hurt I put you through for so many years. For hurting you. But know something, you are now always going to be looked after, fully. You are one day going to carry your first child and be the best protector, mother, like you were born to be. I cannot wait for that day. 

You are NOT a failure. No matter what I have thought over the years. You are no way in any ounce a failure. You are so capable of everything you dream of and more. I know you've thought changing your mind so many times has been the weakest part of you but it's not. That my love, is growth, learning and the best way to tackle life. To truly find what it is you want and where you want to be in life. Change your mind as much as you want, never stop learning. And DON'T ever believe you are not enough. 

I am SO glad you've found the key to showing your feelings again. Darling, that isn't a weakness. It's powerful, strong and passionate. It shows your fire. Feelings, words, and emotions are what bring us together as human beings. It's what connects us to everything around us on another spiritual level. So feel. Feel as much as your heart desires. Love, cry, scream , let your heart burst. Do everything to show you feel. You know how easily they can be gone. 

I'm proud of you Hollie. I am so proud of everything you have overcome. The battles you have faced. And I know, I know you don't believe they are much but you have! You are stronger than you know. You know what? For the first time the future is bright. The future is real. The future is happening. You're going to achieve everything you've ever wanted. And so what if there are hurdles along the way? Isn't that the beauty of life? We get to enjoy the bad and the good and always learn from them. 

Always be gentle with yourself. 

I believe in you Hollie. 

Go get em. 


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