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Quarantine date night ideas.

Whether you are currently in isolation with your partner or having to keep your distance from each other. Not having quality time for just the both of you may be hard. I wanted to give you some date ideas for you and your loved one at this tricky time. No matter what situation you are in, taking time out for you and your relationship is still super important.

Dinner Date
If you are still living with your partner why not try having a date night like you usually would where you both dress up nice. Get some nice food in, either premade or make it together. Dress up your table, get some candles and red wine on the go. Some chilled out music. Sit, eat, chat, laugh, just like you usually would. That time together away from your work or usual routine can be made just that bit more special. The bonus is you can then easily take it to the bedroom. Silver linings.

Movie Night/Day
Turn your living room into a cosy, cinema style vibes. Grab loads of blankets, pillows, fairy lights, snacks, popcorn etc. Jump into your comfy clothes and cuddle up and watch your favourite film. Or make it into a full movie day marathon! They're always my favourite!

Games Night
If you enjoy a good board game or two this why not try playing a few? Pop in a pizza, a few gins or snacks and let the games begin! You may prefer video game or a pack of cards. Do whatever will help take your mind off things, laugh, and spend some quality time with your partner. Me and Ste are massive scrabble fans! If you want to make it a bit of a double date, why not video call some friends and have them play along with you? Make a quiz for you all which could be quite fun and a way everyone can get involved.

Garden Date
Luckily the weather has started to pick up and if you have a garden then I envy you right now haha! Why not set up a picnic style dinner in the garden? Create a cute, romantic setting, fairy lights, blankets, candles, delicious food, drinks etc. A change of scenery and something different to what you usually would do can really increase the spark.

Facetime Movie Date
If you are currently apart from your partner, I know your struggle!!! It's hard right? But there are many things you can still do with your boyfriend/girlfriend while being apart. It's important you still spend that time together as you usually would. Lets be honest if you spend 7 days a week texting like you normally would with nothing else, you'd both go a little insane.

Me and Ste are really liking a facetime movie date at the moment. Every Friday we've both been grabbing a pizza (we did this most Friday's before anyway), cooking it at the same time, getting cosy and then playing the film at the same time. It just makes us feel that bit closer with one another while still keeping our usual Friday routine.

Bake Together
This could be done far apart or with each other. Both pop on the video call, grab your ingredients bake and chat as if you were actually together. Make the same thing or maybe make it a little bit of a bake off to see who can make the best bake? You could also do this if you were together!

Hobbies Together
Along with this you could try any hobby together over video call. You could both read together, do art together, play a game and so on. Whatever you both enjoy try and keep it going!

Walks Calls
This is something I didn't realise I'd love as much and I actually want to keep doing it every now and then once isolation is over. Right now it's incredibly important to talk and have that communication with your partner, especially if you are apart. Me and Ste have been taking a walk at the same time every day and giving each other a call. Some days it's been 30 minutes or sometimes over an hour but that time just hearing each others voices and exclaiming what we are feeling has been beneficial to both of us. Not just that but talking about the future and positive things. Discussing what you're both going to do when this is over, the places you'd like to see etc.

I hope some of these gave you a few ideas of what you and your partner could do at the moment to have that one on one time. Keep safe, keep happy and keep smiling.

Speak soon,

Holli Jessi x


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