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To the girl who hasn't been herself lately.

To the girl who hasn't been herself lately,

Your spark will come back, you never really lost it. It is still there flickering inside of you waiting to be relighted. I know things have been a little tougher than usual recently but darling you have been though much, much worse. You have faught demons and monsters and all the deep and dark insecurities within. This is nothing. This is a tiny hill on the beach compared to mount Everest.

Yes, you may have changed. You mind may be playing tricks on you. Your body has changed but you know something? Your body is always going to change. Every year, every month, every day. You're growing, evolving and blossoming. Just because you carry a little more or little less weight on your hips does not define you for who you are. Stop overanalysing everything. Stop doubting yourself. Stop beating yourself up. If you are struggling, you are struggling. You ARE allowed to struggle. It doesn't mean you are going back 1000 steps.

Things change gorgeous, the world is always changing. You are going to gain people and lose people. Some too soon and some you have to appreciate the times they were always in your life. Don't be scared. Don't let it stop you. Give out your love and don't let it hold you back. You are so passionate and powerful and you shouldn't let any person make you feel any less of yourself because they only want you for your body. Stay strong to your beliefs and who YOU are. Search for love within yourself before within another. Remember the girl you always wanted to be.

Remember why you started. Remember why you choose every day to fight and to carry on. Remember what you want out of life, not what you think you want. Don't give up on your goals and don't be afraid to be who you are. You are loud, you are ambitious, you are strong and anyone who can't handle that isn't worth your time. Don't try to shrink yourself to make someone else's life easier or happier. Make yourself happy first. People have been telling you you're too much for this world but you are not. You can be whoever you want to be. You can scream it from the roof tops.

Don't let a change of mind weaken your heart. You can leave the job, leave the friendship, leave the relationship, leave the town. This is YOUR life. If it doesn't fill your soul and heart, why are you investing so much of your emotions into it? Stop trying to save things which are not true to you. Which are not honest and pure. You know who you are. You know what you want. Stop settling for less.

There is so much out there and you have touched so many peoples lives without realising. You still have so much to do. You have a book to write. You have countries to see. People and places to fall in love with. Many more heartbreaks. Many more friendships. Much more food to try. Many more peoples lives you want to touch.

It's okay not to be yourself for a while darlin. But please remember to always come back home.


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