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Meat Free Eating Out.

'How do you eat out?'

A regular question I get asked being a lil vegan head. I'll be honest I'm not surprised people ask or wonder this. I remember when I first became vegan... Eating out was the hardest thing ever! Let's be honest this isn't really what you want when you're out with friends needing a quick snack or on a date, he's wondering where you should go and you end up feeling like a huge pain in the ass.

Yup, not fun.  

I'm here to solve all of your vegan eating out disasters. You're welcome. 

Where have I found is best then?

Best lunch pick up

Pret A Manger - One of my all time faves I have to say! Whenever there is a Pret about I'm shooting over there as quick as possible. They always have an option I'm happy with. From sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, veggie pots, porridge, acai pots, smoothies and there recently new Vegan chocolate chip cookie! I mean how can we complain?

Best Pizza

Zizzi - If you know me I bloody love pizza. The fact more and more Pizza restaurants are giving vegan options now makes me one happy gal. Zizzi's is one of them for sure! The options are every vegan's dream. They offer pizza's with a vegan mozzarella and any toppings of your choice, they also have a pasta dish and vegan garlic bread... which who can refuse? Not only that but gone are the days where fruit salad or sorbet is the only dessert option! They have a vegan dessert calzone with fruits and vegan honeycomb and a sticky chocolate praline torte... both of which are served with coconut and chocolate gelato. Oh damn.

Best snacks on the go

Boots - Boots has been my saviour whenever I am out shopping and probably the last place people think of. They have a range of vegan food and snacks to pick up! I've found they're best for snacks, now stocking some of my favourite from Delicious Ella's energy balls, Livia's kitchen millionaire bites and nugglets, nakd bars and popcorn!

Best chain restaurants (you probably don't know about)

Wagamama - I love a good Wagamama's because if you know me Japanese food is one of my absolute favourites! Since they released their fully vegan menu, they're 10x better, obviously. They have a wide variety of options from starters such as edamame with chilli and salt, yasai dumplings and garlicy wok fried greens. Then onto the mains which I struggle to pick from every time where you can have anything from Vegan katsu curry, Yasai pad thai, Tofu Harusame glass noodle salad and more! 

Nando's - Funnily enough there are a few options you can get at Nando's! Starting with their amazing peri-peri houmous and pitta, spiced olives and spicy nuts! There are a few burgers to choose from such as sweet potato and butternut burger and the super grain burger which you can get on a burger, wrap or pitta, just make sure you ask for no mayo. You can also go for the supergrain salad without the dressing or the quinoa salad just leave out the feta and add some extra houmous or avocado! You can also dig into sides such as chips, garlic bread or chargrilled veg!

Las Igunanas - There are a good range of options to choose from at Las Igunanas! While you wait there are plenty of chips and dips to pick from! Then dive into the various South American cuisines such as Brazilian Monquea De Palmitos (a butternut squash, palm hearts, fine beans and spinach coconut curry). Head to Mexico with a veggie chilli or Portobello mushroom fajitas. Peru and beyond where you can please your taste buds with Fiesta Ensaladas and Green quinoa salads! Choose from mango sorbet or tembleque (a creamy coconut pudding with berries and mango puree) 


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