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My 3 P's to achieving your fitness goals.

Plan. Prepare. Patience. 

My 3 top P's when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals. I've always found the saying 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail' rather true, especially when it came to myself and my own fitness goals and although many people wont like to admit it, it's the same for them. 

The good thing about setting goals is they are at motivating us, especially if you are just setting of on your fitness journey. If you are heading to your workouts whether it be at the gym, at home or outside but with no direction into where you are heading, you might not get as far as you'd like or give up further on. 

I say there are two routes you can head down - If your goal is just general fitness, feeling good and healthy, then you can be a little bit more lenient with your approach. Not worrying too much about a programme and making sure you move a little bit in some form every day. Whereas if you have a specific goal such as squatting heavier, performing a certain amount of pull ups, wanting to lose a certain amount of fat, running a 10k and so on, then this is where planning and preparing come in very, very handy! 


For example, if you really want to be able to do over 5 strict pull ups unassisted, then you are going to have to put in some time and specific training in order to reach this outcome. This is where training programmes/plans come in, either setting one up for yourself or getting a personal trainer/coach to write one for you. 

When it comes to actually training, sometimes the 'I'll try to fit these workouts in' sadly isn't going to always get you the results you want. Start planning them in, just like you would a work meeting or dinner date with your friends. On a Sunday, I like to have a good sit down with my diary, the old fashion way and write down everything in time slots from work, to meetings, to appointments, dates and workouts! By having it actually written down and planned right in front of you, it makes you 10x more accountable, as you've put aside the time for it. I always find, I enjoy more workouts a lot more also when I know I've got the time to be putting my fully energy and focus into it.

Nutrition is also such a big key when reaching your goals whether they're performance or aesthetic. For example if you are wanting to put on size/muscle, smashing your workouts but still not eating enough, you're not going to see the result you want. The same goes for if you are trying to lose fat, if you're eating more than you are expending, you're scientifically not going to see any changes. So making sure you have a plan with nutrition can have such a huge impact on reaching whatever goal it is you've set. Whether you need to track macros to get idea with food or if you've got a good idea of what's in certain food and what you should be eating, go ahead with a more intuitive approach. I always have a vague idea of what works for my body and what I'm going to be eating throughout the day and around my workouts for the week.

Which brings me on to my second P!


Being prepared I've found can come in various ways mentally and physically.

One being preparing your workouts and food after the planning. Whether this be writing out your workouts or having your written out programme ready to attack. Then prepping your food! I'm not saying you have to have stacks of Tupper wear on the go but just be conscious of making life a little bit easier for you. This might be making a big batch of grains at the start of the week, keeping stocked up on lots of fresh fruit and veg, preparing your smoothie ingredients to reduce time in the morning or preparing some healthier snacks such as energy balls to be able to grab quickly on the go!

Next is preparing yourself physically, so making sure your body is injury free, healthy and fuelled properly to give your best into your workouts. This means making sure you have a proper flexibility/stretching routine incorporated into your training programme, before and after your workouts and also in between. This is going to make sure you muscles are warmed up and mobile for your workouts, preventing injury or tearing of muscles. Along with the right amount of good quality foods like I mentioned above, I like to focus on good sources or carbohydrates and protein before and after I train. This ensures that I have the right amount of energy give into my workout along with enough to recover and replenish my muscles.

Lastly preparing yourself mentally! If you're mentally prepared for your workout, going in with a positive mindset, you're more likely to have a positive outcome. When it comes to weight workouts, before a big lift, know how much weight your are going to lift meaning your body is going to prepare for it.


I honestly find that this is one of the biggest factors of all in reaching any goal... Patience. Without patience again I feel like you are simply setting yourself up for failure. Whatever it is your are striving for whether it to get stronger, lose fat, gain muscle, all these things take a hell lot of time! They don't just suddenly happen over night, slow and steady wins the race. I find a good way to create a patience is to stop focusing so much on the when but focus on the how and the now. Focusing on where you are now allows you to find gratitude in where you are now and loving what you are doing. With given consistency and patience, you will eventually begin reaching small achievements which will then lead onto much bigger ones! The process of a journey is just as important than the destination.


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