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I'm all about the positive vibes atm! If you didn't know already. I find mindset is everything. Anything you do in your life, the mindset you have towards it can have a massive influence. Having positive thoughts and a positive mindset, gives you so much power towards a lot of aspects of your life.

The problem a lot of us face with a positive mindset, is that we are already so programmed to think negatively about certain things. The more negatively we start thinking about things or situations, the more negative things we then attract. Think you'll fail the exam, you're already practically setting yourself up for failure. Think negatively towards yourself, you'll attract the wrong type of people. What we think and feel is usually what comes to us. I found as I became a much more positive person, I couldn't fill my life with negative people anymore because I could sense it so much.

Positive thoughts create happier moods, feelings and attitudes. Whereas the negative thoughts create much unhappier feelings, actions and behaviour. This only places the body in a state of stress and unhappiness, leading to failure and frustration.

When switching the mind from a negative place to a much more positive place, it ain't easy. It's gonna take some work. When I first started shifting the way I thought and my mental attitude, I thought one thing... 'If I'm powerful enough to create negative thoughts, I'm powerful enough to change it'


Smile more. One of the easiest things and can have such a big impact to how you are feeling. Smiling more instantly changes the way you are feeling internally. Smile when you are driving, smile when you are at work, smile before you go to sleep and try smiling at strangers! See how it changes yours and their day!

Gratitude. Ever since I stopped to find gratitude in each day, I found such a big difference in my mind set. It's really easy to find the things in life to be sad or angry about, or to fall down the dark path of 'why me?', but again this is like setting yourself up for failure. Finding gratitude in your life, the people in your life and experiences we may have we find more satisfaction and meaning.

Positive affirmations. I've found starting my day off with positive affirmations truly changes the outlook for the rest of the day. Starting with negative thoughts, usually leads to a negative outcome. I've found writing down some affirmations or even saying them to myself in the mirror, such as 'Today will be a good day' or 'I am feeling strong today', sounds crazy! But give it a go!

Focus on the good (NO matter how small). Focusing on the tiny things, the great cup of tea you made, the laugh you had with your best friend, the smile the stranger gave you. Sometimes the smallest things are the most cherished things. This creates a good vibes and emotion within you.

The present. Becoming mindful of the present moment
can really bring you back down to earth and realise that nothing is ever as bad as it may seem. It's so easy to find negativity from past events or find anxiety from the future. The present is so special and the more time you spend regretting or stressing over the past and fearing the future, the present is already passing.

Surround yourself with positive people. Surrounding yourself with positive people is going to increase the amount of positive words, actions and behaviours around you. With this around you, it's going to help influence your own positive thoughts and mind-set. By giving off each others positivity you are only going to impact on each other even more.

Positivity is a practice and I promise the more you start tackling the negative with the positive, the more it'll take over!


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