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I think one of my most asked questions as a blogger and trainer is - 'How do I build and grow my glutes?'

Now if you've watched my journey you will quite frankly know I have literally gone from a pancake arse to a peach, haha. Tbh, I was the girl who genuinely believed that I was genetically not in store for some great glute muscles but that has proven not to be true. But let me tell you, it did not happen over night!!! It takes a hella lot of work and patience. Oh and accepting jeans no longer fit... But hey if you never wear pants... Who cares!

On that note, I'm here to share with you my best booty building tips and what I've found has worked for me.


Oh yes, you heard. To build up the glute muscles you need to be lifting some heavy ass weights.
By upping your weight on big compound movements such as squats, deadlifts and lunges, you are continuously challenging the muscle. Don't be afraid because them lil resistance band exercises just wont cut it gals!


To build muscle you need to be eating more! Building muscle requires being in a calorie surplus meaning you are consuming more calories than you are expending. Usually in women, they are under eating without even realising, meaning it's going to be harder to grow that muscle. This isn't me saying go ahead and force food down crazy like, when you aren't even hungry. However just make sure you are fuelling your body, especially on them days you are training! Create a good balance with enough protein, aiming for 1/1.2g x your BW in LBS. Enough carbs to ensure you are fuelling yourself effciently around 50/60% of your overall calorific intake is a good place to start and enough healrthy fats!

Double UP

To grow my glutes, I found one leg day a week just wasn't cutting it. So I upped it to 2 sometimes 3 a week. This would be a split of quads and glutes, hamstring and glutes and a isolated glute day. This was when I saw the biggest growth down there! Keep them muscles challenged! Don't over train them, as rest is just as important as your workouts (this is when your muscles truly grow) but make sure you keep the training consistent!

WIDE stance & PULSE

I love anything which includes a wider stance as it targets the glutes more than my quads (aka miss quadzilla). Think sumo squats, sumo deadlift, wide stance leg press and curtesy lunges! Oh yesssss! I also love adding pulses to things... So think 10 reps heavy squat followed by pulses, heavy lunges followed by lunge pulses, glute bridges followed by pulses... You get the drill.

Mind to MUSCLE

With any muscle you are trying to grow whether it be the glutes, legs, chest, triceps... Connect to that muscle! Any given movement begins in the mind and then travels to the muscle, meaning if you're not even thinking about the muscle you are using, it's going to work a lot less efficient. Slow things down, focus on the weight load you are lifting and really squeezing them glute muscles.


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