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Oh Hollie, this has been long overdue. A letter from me to you. A declaration of love and peace. I wanted to write to you, to hopefully let you know that I'm proud of you. I'm proud of the woman you have become and the things you have got through. It's pretty bad ass.

I want to thank you for my younger days, for allowing me to be the power ranger I believed I was. I mean I was always the girl climbing the trees and getting holes in my jeans from the muddy football games. Those were the days. I loved you for being that little tomboy and love how you've never let that go. I also thank you for letting me be a pro roller skater, that was my jam, it gave me confidence I never had growing up.

Confidence. I know you never had it, I'm sorry it's taken this long to find it. But I want to apologise for judging you all these years, I'm so sorry I never believed you were enough. You are enough, in fact you are more than enough. I'm sorry for all the heartbreak and things I have done to hurt you. I'm sorry for leading you to a place no body should ever be led to. I'm sorry you were under nourished and disrespected. However it's no longer something I'll be guilty for, as it's taught me a lesson and made me who I am today. I mean I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my health when I so wrongly took that away from you! You even let me jump out of a plane at 10, 000ft!!! I never thought I'd be the little girl to say that!

Legs, I bloody love you and my god it's taken me so long to say that. I remember being that little 7 year old girl, worried that I was the girl with the big, ugly thighs. But really who cares? These thighs are gorgeous, sexy, strong and powerful. And you know what? They can walk me, allow me to run or skip or dance wherever I want!!! They have allowed me to deadlift and squat heavy ass weight, and win burpee competitions with absolute pride. Yes. Legs you are amazing. With all your wobbly bits. With all your cute dimples. Your stretch marks. Your touching thighs. They are beautiful.

Thank you body for being just exactly as you are. For being strong and powerful and finally learning to trust me again. I know for so long you didn't. Thank you for learning to love yourself more and more each day. I'm sorry that I made you attract people who hurt you, I'm sorry that you've been used by others and me. I'm sorry you've been through what you have and I did nothing to stop it. But thank you for changing that. For bettering yourself, for respecting yourself. For picking clothes that now fit, not tiny sizes to squeeze into, and for picking men that love you for more than just your vagina and ass, I mean you have a great ass but still...

Thank you for letting me grow into who I am. To build muscles in places I never new I could and realise the power of feeling strong. For finally being content with who you are despite not being as lean as you once were. Because you are happier and healthier now than you have ever been and I am so damn proud.

I know we have our whole life ahead of us, and through that we will have a rocky relationship. There will be good ad bad days, there will be plenty more heart break but through that there are going to be way more good days. I promise to give you love every day, in some form, even if it's making you an amazing cup of tea. We are going to keep going, keep pushing and keep living every day to the full.

The future is unknown but one thing I do know... Body, I love you.

This was inspired by the lovely Carly Rowena, who also wrote a letter to her body and I thought it was just a wonderful idea. I want you to try it yourself, whether you share it or keep it to yourself. It's such a wonderful feeling.


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