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It saddens my heart the amount of women and men I come across who truly believe they will be happy and confident when they reach a certain body type, shape or weight on the scale. When in reality that is beyond the truth.

The journey of self love and confidence is such a beautiful one, I've found. No, it doesn't happen over night, but do you fall in love over night? More than likely not, so falling in love with yourself is also going to take a lil patience. And let me tell you, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you will ever have.

One thing I ask anyone I work with is... 'Is it the confidence you want? or is it the body?' because confidence doesn't not come with a body. 99.9% of the time, I can guarantee people want the confidence. I've been every shape and size and seen a huge variety of numbers on that scales and I can tell you now that neither of these times was I confident or happy. Not until I chose it and that was regardless of my body. It was the one place I truly believed I'd never be confident. The place where I am a woman.

I feel like, as much as I love the online world and part of it is my job, it has such a big play in the way in which we view ourselves. Models, influencers and what we have some how created as 'perfect' people, living these 'perfect' lives are what we continue to see. Do you find yourself scrolling Instagram first thing in the morning and already comparing yourself to a girl flaunting in a bikini or the next best fitness blogger travelling the canary islands? Yep been there and done that. We think that these people have never ending confidence and thrive to be them... That's usually down to their bodies... Am I right? I mean the girl in the bikini has abs and a toned, peachy bum. She must be confident right? More than likely she isn't. She has just as many insecurities as you and me. You know why? BECAUSE confidence ISN'T a body size.

So, when does confidence finally find us? When we choose it. When you find the self acceptance in you, your mind and your body whatever it is in this present moment. I found with myself it was fighting them negative thoughts or comparisons you may have within yourself. Start with combating any negative thoughts with positive ones, focus on your amazing qualities and not in the way you look but the way you act and the things you say. What have you achieved? How much kindness do you spread? Are you spontaneous? Determined? Hard working?

Every time a creep of self doubt of negativity slides in... Simply fight back with a positive thought. Tell yourself how worthy and powerful you are. SHOWER yourself with complements. And social media? Instagram? if you're finding you feed full of people you are constantly comparing yourself too... Just get rid, unfollow! Follow people who empower and inspire you not ones who make you feel like you or your body isn't enough.

Overall, you have confidence within you, you always have done. Although it takes practice, remember one thing, from the moment you were born, you came into the world with no judgement towards yourself. It's about rediscovering that.


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