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Overcoming Amenorreha | Healing My Body Series

You all know what's been happening by now and if you did you can go and read the first few blog posts where I've talked about my journey and the fact I got my period back!!! (Still so overwhelmed) 

For 6 whole years I hadn't had a single period due to restriction of food and nutrients and over exercise. My hormones for years have been extremely unbalanced and my fertility at risk. In my last post, I discussed how my mindset has changed and how I've been using hypnotherapy in order to help my PCOS, amenorreha and IBS. This post is going to be slightly different in that I am going to give you some of the actual lifestyle changes I've made regarding food, supplements, exercise and self care. 

Firstly, I want to talk about what Amennoreha actually is for anyone who may not know. Amennoreha is the absence of a woman's menstrual cycle which can be caused by and lead to a variety of different things. Amenorrhea can be the result of hormonal imbalances, eating disorders, malnutrition, rapid weight loss, low body fat % and menopause. This can lead to risk of infertility or if Oestrogen levels are too low can place the bones at risk and possible bone fractures. Along with this Amennoreha causes a ovarian imbalance which can lead to ovarian cysts and PCOS which can lead to a insulin sensitivity and weight gain.

For years my Amennoreha didn't bother me. Like having no period was GREAT. It hasn't been till the past year I've realise the health risks my bodies at, along with my fertility being at risk. So since January I made it my goal to prove I could heal my body naturally through the power of diet, lifestyle, and natural remedies.

Oestrogen rich foods

One of the big reasons I still wasn't getting my period was due to my hormones being unbalanced. When I got tested my Oestrogen levels were extremely low for what they should be. This meant my body was a risk of a few things - infertility, weight gain, hot flushes, fatigue and low bone density. I wanted to prove that I could increase my Oestrogen naturally, one way being with the foods I've been consuming. I've been making a conscious effort to try and including more estrogen rich foods into my diet. Food such as soy products such as tofu and soy yogurt, flaxseed, peanut butter, beans such as black beans.


Exercise, the type and the amount you do can have a huge effect on the body and the hormones in the body. For a long time the intensity of my training was sky high, HIIT and weight training mostly every day, which placed my body under a huge amount of stress. This was also keeping my body fat % incredibly low meaning my body had no chance of ever getting a period back. The past few months I've focused on getting a more balanced approach to exercise I've reduced my high intensity circuits and included more low intensity workouts such as yoga and Pilates. No matter how much I was eating or weight I was gaining if I was going to continue to place my body under so much stress during exercise 6 to 7 days a week, it was simply never going to recover.


Meditation has changed my life. I've always been a highly stressed person and could never find a way to stop my mind from racing. Meditation has completely changed that and shown me to a new levels of calmness and relaxation, which is what my body needed. I try to recommend mediation to most people and all my clients, for whatever things you may be dealing with I think we could all do with just a few minutes to stop and breathe.


This was something my Naturopath recommended to me. Ashwagandha is a natural powerful herb known to help a number of things. One if it's biggest benefits is to help with fertility and balance hormones. It helps support thyroid function and decreasing stress within the body. I've been taking them in capsule form which you can by here and honestly I've seen such a difference in my mood, stress levels, energy and hormones since taking these!


Kindness to ourselves is such and important thing and something none of us do enough. I've grown up my whole life not being very kind to myself, placing myself and my body down any chance I could get. Meaning again my body has been under continuous stress, why would by body ever trust me if I just continued to hate it every living, breathing second? Self love is a practice and every day I've been making sure I say kinder things to myself. Forgiving and accepting myself not for what I was or what I'm going to be but more for what I am now. AND that is enough. I think when my body new this, is new I was ready to trust me again.

Like I said in the past post, thing aren't perfect and I'm still having to practice and do these things every day and will do for the rest of my life. I just want to finish by noting that looking after your body is so so important. The way you treat and look after yourself inside and outside has such a huge impact on the way you live, act, feel and think. Remember the greatest wealth is health.


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