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Have you ever been in a place of counting calories or macros? A place where you find yourself obsessing over every single piece you put in your mouth. The amount I see this saddens me truly.

Either trying to find the lowest calorie options thinking that's the key to weight loss or obsessed with hitting macros scared if they're off by a gram. Then on the other end of spectrum you have the whole IIFYM world where some people take this into the extreme and literally place anything in their bodies as long as it's in their macros. A diet of ice cream, cookies and cake seems great, yep fits in my macros. I mean while that all seems okay... That in the long run, healthy? Nope. Either one is just as much of a unhealthy relationship with food as the other. Well, in my eyes.

See while we are all here counting calories and macros forcing down the protein cookies and tubs of ice cream or trying to choose everything 'low fat' or cutting carbs... Have we lost track of real nutrition? Have we lost track of counting the amount of nutrients our bodies need?

Let's take it back to basics. Listening to our bodies. I love the saying 'count colours, not calories'. Gone are the days I count every calories going into my mouth, instead when I make a meal now I think 'how many colours can I pack into this?' 'how much goodness can I pack in?' 

The more colour the more nutrients meaning the better you are going to feel. Eat the rainbow so they say! The more nutrient dense food you fit into your diet the less cravings you'll more than likely have, the fuller you'll feel, the more energy you'll have and the better your general wellbeing will be. Meaning you don't have to lead a obsessive way of living wondering if you can fit a slice of cake into your macros.

If you want the slice of cake... have the cake, who doesn't love cake? I flipping do! But make sure you are also getting in your veggies and the stuff which makes you feel like a goddess or god inside and out. Wholefoods which leave you feeling nourish and satisfied. Then you wont need to worry about 'fitting the cake into your macros'

The best way to do this is to educate. Educate yourself with the benefits, vitamins and nutrients of certain foods. Think good sources of vegetables, fruit, leans meats, tofu, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds and start including them into your diet. Think more colours! With veggies you can go all out! Don't stick to the same old soggy broccoli, create a whole variety with all your meals.

Calories are not all equal, our bodies responds differently depending on the type of food we put in it. So, yes you could go for the 'less calories in', follow macro vibe and lose weight however be suffering with nutrient deficiencies. This is like a war with you body which you'll sadly never win. You may lead to binging late at night, feeling constantly hungry, suffering with gut issues such as constipation and find you never have that balance or a good relationship with food.

You may also find that if you stop counting calories and getting so stressed over it, that you actually drop the weight or fat you've been wanting to. While it works for some people, other it can lead to an obsessive state, like I have previously mentioned.

NOW, this isn't me saying that counting macros is bad! I'm a trainer myself and I think it for sure has a time and place. Whether you are just getting to nutrition, feel you may be over eating or over eating and want to learn more, competition and have specific goal to reach, counting macros is a highly effective tool! Although if your goals is to simply feel fit and healthier, I'd focus on listening to your body and fuelling it with lots of nutritious food which makes you feel like amazing!

So ask yourself, if you're feeling lethargic, not putting your all into your workouts, suffering with bad digestion, skin, hair etc. Are you getting enough variety or nutrients in your diet?! Start small, add some greens to your morning smoothie, try reaching for whole nutrient dense foods where you can or aim for 3 different coloured veg with your evening meal! Watch how much more you begin to glow!


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