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I DID IT, I GOT MY PERIOD | Healing My Body Series

Oh my GOD. I have been waiting FOREVER to be able to finally write this post. Honestly, I never thought I'd be sat here writing it. I am beyond overwhelmed. 


This is going to be a long post... So grab yourself a cup of tea and get comfy! 

Let's take it back to the 28th of January when I posted the first of this 'healing my body series'. I talked about how I'd finally got a little bit of hope for the first time in 6 whole years. I'd just starting seeing my Naturopath & hypnotherapist who has been working with me for my IBS and fertility issues. Along with my self esteem, the past, bad habits, confidence and stress levels... weirdly enough they all connect with one another. Surprise surprise. 

If you head back to this post, you can very much see although I was slightly hopeful, I was still also in a place of distrust and denial that things could ever truly get better. For years, I'd placed in my head that I had damaged my body and gut (which I also stated in the first post) and I told my self that it was going to take years and years to fix, if ever! By placing this thought in my head and telling my body this, it's almost like mentally I had told my body to do something that wasn't even true...

The minds a powerful thing huh?

So while I was still placing my body under this stress and creating the idea of that my body was forever damaged, it was only going to respond in one way. Imagine it like little neurological energies running down from your brain to your gut/ovaries creating the message you're sending.

Bringing us back to the present day, 7 weeks later, I can safely say my self, mindset and views have completely changed. This is all down the hypnotherapy and various changes within my life. Although this is still the beginning of my journey, I certainly wanted to share with you it so far and just how much it has impacted my life. It's changed it for the better.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a extremely effective form of therapy where you are sent of into a completely relaxed state. It allows you to relax and quiet the conscious mind, in order to talk to the subconscious mind. This allows the therapist to help create a change in thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours that may be holding you back or causing certain issues in your life. Through this session you are actually in complete control. It is giving you the chance with help from the therapist to empower and make positive changes to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy can be used for various habits and areas within your life such as, IBS, confidence, weight issues, addictions, PCOS, or overcoming lack of motivation. It helps create positive mind and lifestyle changes helping you move forward and achieve the things you want.

Not only that but it allows you to clear the mind by getting deeper into the root causes. For example, I had believed my gut issues were all physical however hypnotherapy has proven a much deeper cause and the issues I've been facing are actually mainly coming from my mind.

There's a article here exclaiming how hypnosis is one of the best options for healing IBS.

My journey so far has been overwhelming, emotional and amazing all at the same time. After my first hypnotherapy session, a flood of various emotions literally ran through me. I cried and felt a sense of relaxation I don't think I had felt in a long, long time. For the first time ever, as weird as it may sound, I got in contact with and spoke to my gut. They say your gut is your second brain right? Well that is something I have learned to be quite true. Your gut and your brain speak to one another and respond with each other in the ways your are communicating.

As the weeks have gone on each and every session has helped in different ways with a new issue that may have arisen. I've also learned so so much with from my Naturopath and developed a lot of new healthy habits. It's almost like even thought I'm still Holli, I've transformed and grown into a woman I've actually never been. For years I've been extremely spiritual and started yoga just two years ago, which already transformed my life in many ways. However I've always been quite a highly stressful and anxious person. I've had a habit over the years of holding on to negativity and felt like I've had no control over it. The thing with negativity is that is attracts and feeds of negativity. So with the negativity I was feeding out of my own life I was then pouring into others or simply attracting people who were also extremely negative (hello shitty relationships). Really the whole thing becomes one big habit and completely natural that you don't even realise it until you come out of it.

I've made the smallest of changes such as writing down things I'm grateful for before the day begins and finishing the day with reflecting over things which went well (no matter how big or small)

I've started setting time aside for myself, without distractions whether it be taking myself for coffee or sitting with 20 minutes mediation. Self care is extremely underestimated and is essential for us all. It's reduced my stress levels, which I know is the biggest factor for myself in my gut!

It's almost like the past 7 weeks a dark cloud has moved away from over my eyes and I'm constantly seeing brightness.

It hasn't been until my last two session that I've really cracked and got to the bottom on some serious underlying things. I finally came to the realisation that I was really holding onto the fact I was in denial I could ever live free from my IBS or get my period back. In my head I had created the idea that it was all my fault and I had damaged my own body... But when my Naturopath told me the facts on why I actually hadn't I was amazed. The truth was, I actually haven't damaged my gut at all as the cells within my gut change every 2 - 3 weeks. So the message I was sending down to my gut was the only thing still keeping it 'damaged'...

In my session 2 weeks ago I finally talked to the part of me which was holding onto this fact. The part of me that was so damn certain things would never improve. I agreed to let it go. I truly place it in my left hand and sent the thoughts on their merry way. I came out of my session feeling relaxed and at ease.

The next day... I woke up to my period! Which I can honestly say was like my body being place on a roller coaster with a whole rush of emotions. And basically I just wanted to hug everyone.

It's amazing how the mind can begin to change the way you live and the way you body reacts.

I have made more lifestyle changes which have impacted on my period, gut and hormones. I'm going to write this up in another blog post for you guys, as it has been highly requested!!!

This isn't me saying I'm completely healed however my thoughts and views on the whole journey have changed. It's honestly something I never thought I'd be saying. You have to trust yourself and your body will trust you back. Your body is precious, look after it.

PS. I'm glad to be back blogging and I shall speak to you soon!

Holli x


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