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Same But Different | Healing My Body Series

Okay chickpeas, lets have a chat. 

The one thing I always try to do across social media and in general life is be true to myself and other people. So I am going to admit that recently, I've been in a hell of a creative slump. I've been far from satisfied with my content, writing, photographs and anything I am posting. I feel like it's been a frame of what I believe people want to see, preventing me slightly from what I sometimes want to actually post. Also the fact I've just become so god damn lazy with everything and lost the creative spark I've actually always had. 

I actually wrote this post 3 weeks ago and I can safely say it was a LOT more ranty and negative than what this one is going to be. The past 3 weeks have been a huge shift in myself and my life, to the point, the post I originally wrote wasn't even me or what I wanted to post anymore.

So, what am I on about a 'shift'? Well if you read one of my 1st posts, part of the 'healing my body series' you'll know that 3 weeks ago I had reached a point of rock bottom. I have dealt with chronic IBS for years, infertility, six years with no period and have been shown to have possible PCOS. The whole thing shook me completely and I reached a point where was enough was enough, because if I don't start to change something now, where will I be 5 or 6 years down the line when I'm still living in agony every day and may never have children? If you want to know more about the way I was feeling 3 weeks ago, head over here and read the post! 

I said I'd keep chatting to you guys about my journey and what I am doing to hopefully rebalance my hormones, heal my IBS and get back my period. So, lets talk about the past 3 weeks. 

I've had 3 hypnotherapy sessions now, have been seeing my Naturopath weekly and have already been seeing a different in my mood, feelings and stomach! 

I've been practising lots of various techniques that my Naturopath has given me such as creating a gratitude journal and at the end of every day writing down 5 things that went well, even as small as making a good cuppa. Writing down and revising over these ideas places the positive pathways in our brains starting to already shift our thoughts. I've also been including daily meditation back into my routine which has begun to calm me more than ever. I've also been constantly giving my tummy rubs and massages telling it that everything is now going to be okay. I know, that probably sounds strange but it works. The thing is, a lot of our tummy issues come from the experience and stresses we are going through or still holding on to. Getting in contact with your stomach and listening to it helps more than you think. 

Daily affirmations which I have been telling myself everyday, such as:

'I am powerful' 
'My digestive system is calm and happy'
'I am healthier and stronger every day'
'I am grateful for my body' 
'I am free' 

Which help again with transforming the neurological pathways in your brain. It helps take your beliefs down a different path than the one you've created with either your IBS, Eating Disorder or self doubt. Rather than still thinking 'I wont be bloated' or 'I'm not my eating disorder' which still completely places the idea in your brain which you are trying to move away from. 

I've made changes to my diet, where I reduced my fibre for 2 weeks to completely settle down my stomach. I've recently started to add in raw vegetables and brown rice, seeing how my stomach reacts. To then add other foods gradually each week. I've also done my own research in food which increases Oestrogen levels. Foods such as tofu and soy products, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, kidney beans, chickpeas, walnuts and olive oils, all in which are high in phytoestrogens which help increase Oestrogen. 

I can honestly say, with these few changes. I'm seeing the biggest difference. My out look of my self and life, like I said has shifted. I feel like already a weight is being lifted. One of the biggest thing that has changed is my stress levels, I'm honestly the most chilled out I've been in so so long. I feel like this whole things has happened at the right time of my life and has given me the chance to focus on myself.

Not only that but I've also finally had a idea for my book!!! If you didn't know, for a long time I've wanted to write a book regarding wellness and self love, I just had no clue on what I wanted to actually write. Then last week, I had a complete creative spark and the idea just fell into place. Over the past 3 weeks I've created the idea of being free... which then lead onto the idea... More of than to come my chickpeas! Top secret for now!

However, this brings me back to my original point. My creative slump which I said I've placed myself in, well that has also shifted. I didn't want to give you a super negative post exclaiming how I'm not happy with my content, blah - blah. Instead I've turned it into a update and a chance to let you know it's now quite turned into the opposite.

The whole things has made me realise my content can be whatever I want it to be. I don't have to be posting 3/4 times a week with content I'm not satisfied with, but rather 1/2 times with better writing and photographs etc. I'm going to start posting a lot more than just health and fitness, so keep your little eyes peeled!

Peace out for now!

Holli x


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