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Body Confidence | Dealing With Bad Body Image.

You know the days. The days when you don't feel your best, confidence may be low, may be a little bloated, the scale may have disheartened or the reflection you see staring back at you just isn't the one you want to see. The mirror or your mind just ain't your friend. And while I wish I could simply tell you that you should never have to feel this way, sadly from time to time we do.

The way we see ourselves through our own eyes can play a big part in how we feel, think and act. Especially in the whole world of social media, it's very easy to go off on a tangent comparing yourself or becoming disheartened with yourself. No matter who we are or what we've been through, we all have them less confident days.

Most of the time on these days what we believe we see isn't actually the truth. Likewise what other people see, isn't usually what we perceive ourselves as. Body dysmorphia I believe can attack anyone, whether you're a woman feeling like your hips are too big or a man worrying your biceps aren't big enough. It's a scary thing when you're just not quite happy or sure about what you actually look like. When really we are all so different and amazing in our own ways. Usually the things we dislike about ourselves are things someone else loves about us or things they don't even notice.

I was having the WORST body image day the other day and took a step back and thought. One of my most frequently asked questions was how I deal with these days or 'bad body image', then I realised I actually have come really far in how I deal with the days my body confidence isn't exactly there. So, the good news is I'm going to share some of my tips and tricks to push through these icky days and hopefully get you feeling you best.

Wear something comfortable. Comfy is the key whenever I'm not feeling the best about myself or having a day when I'm feeling bloated. Wearing something that makes me feel uncomfortable just makes thing 100x worse. Tight, cropped tops or tight jeans are a big fat no. Pop on some comfy leggings or trousers with a oversized jumper and do your hair & make up (this always picks me up)  Just do whatever it is that makes you feel that bit better about yourself. Or if you're staying in the house, dressing gowns are the saviour!

Do something you enjoy. Do something that doesn't revolve you constantly thinking about how you look. Staying away from social media or mirrors usually helps me. Instead find ways to keep yourself busy and do things you genuinely enjoy. Whether it be reading a book, going for a walk, writing, watching TV, playing with your dogs, seeing friends or family etc.

Practice self love. Remember how much your body actually loves you. Every single day your body is performing millions of functions in order to keep you alive. Respect it by giving it that love back. It's so easy to fall into a trap of beating ourselves up and hating ourselves for feeling this way. Give yourself acts of kindness: run yourself a warm bath, take a nap, wear your favourite perfume, get a massage, get your hair done, stretch, eat lots of nutritious, yummy food. Create these positive interactions with your body meaning your self love will grow.

Hot water bottles. Hot water bottles are a real home comfort. I cuddle up to one and pop it on my tummy, watch a happy film or write a blog post and I'm 100% happier. That is all.

Challenge the negative. Negative thoughts can very easily consume you and before you know it there are no positive things to say about yourself. The more the negative thoughts pass through you brains pathways, the stronger they're going to become. Whenever a negative thought is popping through your head, fight it back with a positive one. Find things and qualities you love about your life and self. By adding a positive counteractive to your negative thoughts, you can work on changing your thoughts to more positive ones.

Do NOT exercise to punish yourself. Never ever feel like you need to go and run miles or do hours and hours and of intense exercise on these days. Never go into exercise to punish yourself for the way you are feeling. I love to keep my body moving on these days but more with something gentle such as a yoga flow or a long walk with my headphones in.

Ask for help. Don't be afraid to talk about how you're feeling. Surround yourself with positive people who are only going to pick you up and make you feel happier. Spend time with friends or family which you love. Have a chat with your sister or your mum, that always picks me right up! Just don't be afraid to ask for help. It's OKAY.

I know that there are so many people who read my posts who suffer with distorted or poor body image. Although it may feel like it's going to be there forever or you're never going to accept yourself, trust me that really isn't true. It's okay to love and accept yourself and it's okay to have them days you don't feel your best. Just keep pushing through, practice self love every single day, because you and your body deserve it more than anything.

PS. Extra tip. I always say to myself  'Act confident and no one will question it' because after all confidence is by far the BEST outfit...


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