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New Year | Goodbye 2017...

The New Year is approaching us, I'm sure we are all aware. You probably wont remember but last year I wrote a blog post 'Goodbye 2016'  where I talked about some of the goals I'd set and actually subconsciously achieved. 

It was a great feeling to know despite actually forgetting some of these goals I had set myself I'd gone onto achieving most of them. 

As I've gotten older my thoughts and feelings towards the New Year have certainly changed. I used to be really against the whole resolutions crap, I don't know really why, I never saw the point. I mean if you want to set goals, why wait until a new bloody year? I mean just do it now, right? I even said this in last years post. I don't know why but for some reason over the past year I've become more of a emotion filled human and actually view the New Year as a really good time to set little goals and start fresh whether it be with work, life or your own personal self! 

Believe it or not, I've done the exact same as last year, I've achieved things I new I wanted to do quite subconsciously. So I thought I'd review this year and see what we've accomplished and feel free to take this time to do the same!


Oh yes! I actually went ahead at the start of this year and jumped out of a plane! 10,000ft! Right in the air! I can honestly say this is something I've wanted to do since I was about 10 years old but was just something I never actually believed I'd ever, EVER do. It ended up being one of the best things I have ever done and I raised over £500 for the Eating Disorder charity beat which I was super overwhelmed by!  

2. Do more with Happily Holli 

This year I've been again so privileged to have been given the opportunities in which I have. I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing brands and companies which have allowed me to grow my experience, self and blog. Not only that but through all the networking online, it's allowed me to meet some amazing people and make some memorable friends. I know people have such a bone to pick with social media however I beg to differ, it's given me so much support, friendships and opportunities I am so so grateful for. 

3. Get stronger in the gym

When I originally set this goal, I meant to in a completely different perspective to how I've gone on to achieve it. I can remember I really wanted to squat 100kg and while that is all good and I'd love to one day... It's not my priority anymore. I've learned so much about myself and my body this year and how it likes to move. I've realised there is a difference between what is strong and actually feeling strong. And I want to feel strong, mentally and physically. I want to have confidence and be able to accept I'll mess up. I feel like this year I've come so far in terms of my fitness journey and know what I love to do and what makes me feel good. To me that's me being the strongest of all. 

4. Pass my driving test.

Okay I wanted to throw this one in because actually this is something I didn't do at all this year. Haha. In fact I haven't driven for over 6 months... opps. But I wanted to tell you guys this because it's true, sometimes we don't achieve everything we set out to because life gets in the way. Things DON'T always go the way you planned and that is OKAY. I wasn't ready to pass this year but next year, I know I will!

5. Practice. 

Weird for a goal right? But something I've really wanted to try and stick to this year, and it's something I've consciously been doing. By practising things you can only get better! I've been practising yoga near enough every day and it's true I've only seen myself be able to get in crazy positions I once never could. I've been practising getting less stressed (I'm the world's biggest stress head!), not just for myself but for those around me. I've also been practising self love, something I've always struggled with but I'm so determined to become better and better at it. 

6. Be happy & healthy 

This was in last years goals and still is here today. It will be every single day of my life. Mentally and physically I want to be happy and healthy. This year I feel like I've lived up to that even more than last year. I've come so far in terms of my health and my out look on life. I met some amazing people who have brought more happiness into my life than ever and I've learned more about my own body and how to treat it. There are so many beautiful and wonderful reasons to be happy and alive and I want to be my healthiest to experience them all. 

So again, overall, this year has been a crazy ass roller coaster! But isnt every year? I feel like I've come so so so far and I'm so grateful for that. Anyway, see ya later 2017. Here's to another 365 days of laughter, crazy workouts, lots of tears, yummy food and god knows what...


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