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Another year | 20 Things I've learned in 20 Years

Okay, I know people can be very hit and miss with there birthday's but personally I bloody love mine, I mean a day dedicated to me, I'll take that! 

20 on the 20th, it ain't every birthday I can say that ey! To be honest, despite saying goodbye to the teenage years, I feel the biggest kid now than I ever have. Honestly if it were between me and my younger sister, you'd think she was the one turning 20. Haha.

Anyway since I'm turning 20, I've had ups and downs, lefts and rights, made good decisions and bad, met some nutters and some amazing people, weird experiences and amazing. All of which have brought me to today. I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post with 20 things I have learned and discovered with my 20 years on the planet. 

1. Do what makes you happy. Don't spend your time messing around doing things to please other people if it's going to sacrifice your happiness. 

2. Not everyone will like you and that is OKAY. There will always be someone who isn't going to like certain things you do or things you say. But don't think that means you have to change. The right people who adore you, will be there in your life. Remember - you may be the juiciest peach in the pack, but not everyone is going to like peaches. 

3. Not everything goes to plan. Our lives aren't written out and beautifully scripted for us. Life just happens. It doesn't plan good or bad. But the decisions and choices you make can only influence that. Just go with the flow and don't expect things to always work out the way you originally planned and that is okay! 

4. It's okay to be on your own. You may feel like you are surrounded by loved up couples, groups of friends or still reminiscing over a silly Ex but let me tell you something, it's okay to be on your own! If not better! You have the chance to grow, learn and explore. You can meet new people, see new things and be who you want to be with nothing holding you back. Learn to love yourself a little and you know what? Have blood high standards! You don't have to settle now in the fear or being alone or feeling like you have to settle. There a LOT of people on this planet and you have a whole life time to go out find them. 

5. Life is too short to say no to chocolate. I went 4 years of my teenage years saying no to chocolate or anything that I classed as 'naughty'. I feared I would turn into a heffalump. Well, let me tell you something... Life is WAY too short and did I turn into a heffalump? NOPE.  I have chocolate every day now. Chocolate is too nice. Especially when dipped in peanut butter. But we will get onto that one later... 

6. Feelings are good. I've grown up creating a belief that feelings are bad. That they're a sign of weakness. I believed you should never ever show people how you truly feel! However, how wrong was I? Feelings are SO important. Like I said with the chocolate life is way too short. Tell people how you feel, express love, happiness, joy, anger, fear, sadness. Everything. To be able to feel emotion should be a lot more appreciated than we realise. 

7. Sports bras are better than normal bras. I have 100000000% grown to HATE bras. Now I'm usually in a gym, wearing Lycra and a cute ass sports bra. A 'normal' bra is like hell. It's rare you see me in one. I mean I'd rather go without. Free woman n all. 

8. You never have to grow up. Under circumstance, I grew up quick as a kid. And went through the typical teenage ' I don't care about anything' phase. Ohhhhh but how times have changed. Now I'm 20, I can proudly say I have never been more of a kid than I am now and that ain't changing! Who says we have to grow up? I love Disney and Minnie Mouse (I still have the life sized one right on my bed!), I get excited over the stupidest of things and love Christmas more than I ever have. I love having crazy balloons on my birthday and have the same teddy as I did when I was 5. I prefer kids films to adults and love stickers more than you would realise. Yep. I am a huge kid. And I couldn't care less!

9. Appreciate important people in your life. I lost one of my best friends last year. Completely out of the blue. I'd do anything to be able to talk again to him now. Honestly, don't let the business of life stop you from just sending a quick message or saying a quick hello to someone you love. Don't be bitter about things, don't worry 'whose texting first', don't hold onto silly arguments, never go to bed angry and don't hold back from telling someone how you feel. It's more important than you will ever realise. 

10. You are your own best friend. Phew, it's taken me a long time to let this sink in but it's so bloody true. You are your own best friend. You are with yourself 24/7, day in and day out. You hear your own thoughts and make your own decisions. I've spent so long putting myself down, hating my body, treating myself badly and saying horrible things to myself. When my body is the one thing keeping me up and running, the least I can do is make the job a little easier for her. Nourish yourself. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. 

11. Never give up on a passion. Don't think things come easy but if you want something enough go and get it. Don't let anyone convince you that your goals and dreams are impossible. So many of just sit and let life pass us, not quite satisfied, wondering 'what if'. Not enough people go after what they want. But we only have one life. Go after whatever sparks a fire in your heart. 

12. A cup of tea makes things better (not everything but a hell of a lot) - Tea I have to admit solves a lot of my problems. If I'm stressed? Tea. Cold? Tea. Need a friend? Tea.
 Tea is great.

13. You don't have to have things 'figured out.'  I've needed to realise this over the past year. I feel like I've watched other people my age suddenly getting their lives together, driving, working, you name it. Some even have flipping kids! But you know what, I'm glad I don't have it 'all figured out' because in reality, deep down, who really does? Things don't have to be perfect, you don't have to have this plan, or follow the crowd. Just go with what feels right, and allow life to unfold, the good or the bad.

14. Do what scares you. Never stay comfortable, it's boring and gets you nowhere! A little bit of fear is what lights fires within us. I never thought I'd jump out of a plane but hey, by facing the fear, I actually realised it was the best thing I've done in 20 years! Fears can be rather wonderful if you attack them with full force!

15. Act confident and no one will question it. Through high school I was forever the quiet girl. The girl with not really any friends. I kind of used my shyness as a cover up from any possible mistakes I'd make or the fact people wouldn't like me. But as I've grown and got into a career where you need bloody confidence, I've had more confidence than I ever have. When confidence shines out of you, it makes you a more approachable person and actually care less about what people think of you!

16. Changing bed sheets IS a workout when you're only 5'2". I can remember the first day I changed my best sheets, yep the little midget I am ended up inside of the duvet cover... INSIDE! Trust me changing your bed sheets/duvet is 100% classed as a workout in my books.

17. Don't be someone's 'second best'. You are always number one and never let anyone make you feel any less. If someone is dropping you when someone better comes along just to 'pick you back up' when they fancy... DON'T give them the time of day.

18. I think my arteries are mainly peanut butter. If I could survive off of one food for the rest of my life... Peanut butter. Want to make me happy? Peanut butter. What is this food missing? Peanut butter. Give me a spoon and tub of peanut butter (preferably Pip & Nut...Late birthday present... hint...hint...) I'll demolish the lot. Honestly, I think I'll be in my 60's and they'll confirm I'm 90% peanut butter.

19. Hugs are the best medicine. Never ever underestimate the things a good old squeeze can solve. Hugs are one of my most beloved things in the world. For a second just being engulfed in someones arms takes all the worries away. Especially when you're as small as moi!

20. Appreciate every day. Over the past few years I've realised this most. Over my life I've had various occasions and incidents where I've nearly lost people, nearly lost my own life and have actually lost someone very close to me. The way to look at it is, whether you have health issues or not, every day is not granted. Ever. To be alive is a gift, the be breathing and moving is something we shouldn't ever take for granted in others and ourselves. Don't spend forever wishing for tomorrow, destroying your body or hating every living moment. Life is precious. 


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