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Let's Find It | Self Love.

I want to talk. Talk about self love. The one thing we are all searching for yet the scariest thing to do. Why should loving ourselves be so hard? Do we not deserve to love ourselves? Why have we been taught that giving ourselves love, being positive and confidence towards our bodies is selfish or wrong? Because my god it's far from it. It's nothing to ever be ashamed of. 

Your Body. Your body is your protector. You best friend. Your partner. You can meet, experience relationships and love various people through life but there is one person that is going to be there with you always is YOU.

Like Mel said today in today's video, ' your body is your BEST FRIEND' and how you treat her, speak to her, communicate with her and trust her is extremely important. We cannot spend each day going around, hating this and hating that, bullying ourselves for what we are and what we are not not.

 BUT allowing ourselves to fall in love with our bodies and selves is something we ARE allowed to do. 

You shouldn't have to fight against your body.

Over time I've learned finding self love isn't something you suddenly reach, you don't find self love when you 'loose 2 stone', 'fit into a size 8 jeans' , 'find the perfect relationship' etc. Self love is a practice and something you have to choose to start doing. When you allow yourself to do so, you give yourself greater power the power to discover yourself and your feelings. 

Because you ARE enough. I think that's something we all have to realise and something we find hard to believe. But trust me when I say you really are enough.

 You are important.
You are unique.
You are YOU.

One of the lessons during this week, is that whatever you are facing, whatever you have been through, you SHOULD be proud of yourself. You are allowed to be proud of yourself.

Look at how far you've come and what you've achieved already. What your body achieves daily. It keeps you alive. It keeps you moving. It keeps you breathing. It gives you thoughts and feelings, both of which are important. Cherish feelings.

Finding love for yourself will allow you to love others. Relationships will flourish. The love and happiness will burst out of you like sunbeams. They will attract the way you are to yourself in able to be that to others. Never ending negativity and hate towards your body will attract the wrong energy.

Lastly. Nothing is perfect. We are not perfect. Our bodies are not perfect. Life isn't perfect. Wouldn't it be boring if it was? Like Mel also said. there is NOTHING fun about perfect and NOTHING lovable about perfect.


I knew to ever begin to recover from my Eating Disorder, I have to begin to let go of this whole idea of 'perfect' and discovering the perfect diet, body and life. Perfect is simply a illusion, something we all have a different idea of. 'When we reach perfection, then we will be enough'


Like I said, you are enough. You are enough now. Whatever you are, right in this moment. You are beautiful. No matter how much your body has changed. No matter how you feel. How you look.

You are beautiful.

So take this moment. This one moment as a little challenge from me. Ask yourself, why do I love myself? Why do I respect myself? What am i proud of my body for? What has my body done for me, day in day out? Give yourself some love.

My god you deserve it.

All the love,

Holli xxx


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