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What's Going on!!!! | Could It Be Stress?

Happy Sunday lil Chickpeas! I hope you've had a lovely weekend doing exciting things, seeing friends and family, hard at work or taking time to chill out and wind down this evening! Hence this topic I want to talk about...

Stress. We all know it. Every single one of us stress about something whether it be a deadline, a job, money, and illness, wondering if we've worked hard enough, worried about our nutrition or weight.

If there is something to stress about we will find it. 

Is this something that could be stopping you from achieving your goals though? 100%.

I find when I'm stressed everything else suffers, my skin, hair, weight, mind, digestion, sleep etc. It makes no difference how much I workout, sweat, eat healthy, nutritious meals or how early I go to bed. 

If I'm really stressed my body results to being completely exhausted! 

Whereas I know when I'm a lot calmer and happier in my mind, the rest of my performance, body and life seems to improve. For example the less I stress about my digestion, the less issues I have, the less I obsess over my thighs, they never look as big as I think. The less I stress about not seeing results in the gym, the more results come. And so on. But you know easier said than done. So I'm going to give you some of my favourite ways to help and reduce occurring stress in my life and how this could help all other aspects. 

Taking time off from work, I find is essential for any of us, especially if you're self employed! It's very easy to get caught up into a world where you feel like you have to just keep going and going and going. Or like with blogging, if you enjoy your job and you don't actually view it as a job, you may forget that essential time for yourself. Take an hour to read a book, have a long bath, a massage, go for a walk, cuddle your dog! Whatever gives you a little 'me time!'

Take days off training. Especially if you're a well known gym addict! You enjoy training more than resting or you want to achieve your goals quicker, so you believe stopping would pull you back. False. Rest is essential. You body and muscles need time to repair and recover so you can come back stronger and more motivated next time you train. Plus if you're constantly doing a large amount of high intensity exercise without giving yourself a break you're going to be highly increasing your bodies cortisol levels lowering our immune systems and causing more stress in the body. 

Rest days are essential. But I'm not saying don't move your body, just learn to listen to when your body doesn't want to smash out a heavy weights session or blast sprints. Instead you might just want a long walk or yoga session.

Say 'No'. It's really easy to get caught up in events, work, things you haven't done, deadlines, seeing family, seeing friends, birthdays, occasions etc. We want to please everyone and fit in as much as we can however sometimes it's just not possible! Learn to be able to say no when you know you couldn't possibly fit something in!

Getting organised can sometimes help if your brain is feeling a bit like a washing machine with work, deadlines and everything you have to do! I know mine does, until I grab a pen and piece of paper and actually write things down, from most important to least important. Then tackle number 1! And we're good to go! 

Seeing/spending time with friends or family is something that can reduce stress levels. Surround yourself with people who naturally bring positive things into your life and raise your spirits. Go out or get together and laugh, smile, enjoy yourself and to forget for a few hours about the stressful things  or busy to-do lists you may have going on. Letting this go for a moment may make you realise that the added stress your placing on yourself isn't actually worth it. Life is too bloody short. 

Lastly, if all else fails... Make a cup of tea. There is NOTHING and cup of tea cannot solve. 


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