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You don't have to be another 'food label'

 Someone asked me the other day if I'm 'plant based', it kinda got me thinking. This post is one that really highlights my views and beliefs. It's something I really want to get out my system, relating to both the health, food and fitness industry. 

Labels are everywhere in the fitness industry, diet industry and health. There is always some way we 'should' be training, or some new crazy diet fad 'high carb, low fat' 'raw vegan' 'no sugar' etc. Or some new health expected thing such as 'bullet proof coffee'... which tbh in my opinion, is horrible. Oil and coffee? Nahhh thanks.  
 Truth is we're all individuals. Hence the term 'individual'. We are all so different. We all have different minds, thoughts, bodies, illness, dietary needs, genes, likes, dislikes and lifestyles. It's so important to remember that whatever someone else is doing or eating isn't the same as what you have to do, you and your body are going to need and want different things. 

Food and 'diets', lets be honest there SO MANY flipping labels on this aspect. Something I believe could be creating a lot of unhealthy relationships and rules with food. Rules that us as human beings were never really meant to have. Okay so, some foods nourish our bodies better than others, yes, and I believe that people truly benefit from a diet full of healthy, nourishing, natural foods. Such as plenty of fruit, veg, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, healthy grains and less processed foods. HOWEVER, it's all down to you! You know what your body works best off of and what it needs to feel at it's best.

We tend criticise 'healthy'. I believe the whole idea of eating 'healthy' is finding something which makes YOU feel good and that YOU enjoy. You can go through the long list of 'Vegan' Vegetarian' Low Carb' 'Sugar Free' 'No Carbs After Dark' '5:2 Diet'... You name it! But I feel like it's less about 'classifying' the way you eat and more about finding the best ways to care, love and fuel your body.

 Listening to it and respecting it. 

So, you may enjoy a big bowl of porridge with berries for breakfast or you may feel better after a protein packed omelette with spinach, you may enjoy a nourishing bowl of soup for lunch or a fresh tofu salad or maybe chicken? That's cool too. For dinner you may wanna go and devour a big pizza out with friends on a Tuesday night or make a hearty curry at home with a glass of red accompanied by your partner. Then you may want a slice of chocolate fudge cake or you may be happy with a little bowl of yogurt and banana. It's all okay. No one should ever feel guilty about these decisions they make. It's finding that balance that is right for you as an individual.  We ain't perfect. 

I feel like placing yourself in whatever 'label' you discover crates a restriction. As soon as I classified myself in the 'Vegan' category, I felt if I didn't follow this or slipped up, I wasn't 'healthy' or was doing something wrong! It created a fear with food, once again. If I'm honest, I very rarely eat meat as it doesn't sit well with me and cannot eat dairy or eggs due to health. But I just hated the label.
 I just wanted a mix of everything without having the constantly 'justify' my diet. 

I do understand that sometimes we want to follow all of these concepts but my god don't let it make you fearful or feel guilty if you don't stick to it. And NEVER do it because 'Joe blogs' is doing it, it works for them and you feel you HAVE to. Not one rule fits us all. Trust me. 

Now I ain't here to slay down Vegans, Vegetarians, Paleo etc. Like I say, everyone has their own way of doing things and that is perfectly fine. If it suits you to do so, then by all means go for it! I just think it's so important to know that if it's making you feel worse by giving yourself a label, you simply don't have to. Don't feel like you have to follow such strict rules to ever be or feel healthy.

 Healthy eating and living should be something you discover and learn to love without pressure. There isn't one label at all that fits 'healthy', it's completely different for each of us. Incorporate nourishing and wholesome foods, lots of veggies which you can experiment with, have a go at recreating your favourite meals from scratch, make your own burgers, enjoy your pizza, and don't forget the cake, raw, vegan or the classic Victoria sponge! Go for it. 


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