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Tattoo Journey - Why did I have Them?

Hello my lil chickpeas! Happy Bank Holiday! I hope you have something exciting planned or taking the time to chill and wind down.

Today I'm actually here with something slightly different but probably one of my most requested posts. The reasoning my behind my tattoos!

I'm actually quite excited about this, as my tats are something incredibly personal to me. They all connect and tell something. Fair enough if you just want to get inked with anything and everything that's cool too. But I always wanted mine to tell a story and have representations in my life, so that's exactly what I have done.

My first tattoo is placed upon my right rib, my most meaningful. I had it done the day after my 18th birthday which had been planned for a long time.

It states the quote 'Every day is a miracle, one day at a time' with the Eating Disorder recovery symbol placed at the end of it. Without sounding extremely stereotypical, this quote means a lot to me. It was a quote me and mum came across when I was in my Eating Disorder relapse. As soon as I saw it, it felt like there were a little angel looking down on me. It gave me a little boost on that particular day and ever since, I knew it was apart of me.  I sworn that day, that it was the first tattoo I was ever going to get, in aid of me and my mum still being here.

 Similarly to that I  got two tattoos that day, I got a matching one with my mum. Which is a infinity symbol placed with 3 little hearts. Each of these heart symbolise me, my mum and my sister. Me and mum always had wanted a matching tattoo. It represents how much we've been through together yet how all three of us have the strongest relationship and mother, daughter and sisters could have.

 My next tat was another two in one go. It's two on the inner side of my forearms. Again due to having them both done together, they both link with one another. The first is on my right arm which is the lotus flower linked into the sign of enlightenment. The lotus flow symbolises one of the most beautiful and powerful flowers. The roots of the lotus are stuck deep in muddy waters yet it still grows above these waters and grows into the most beautiful flower. It shows how despite our struggles we rise into a place of enlightenment, beauty and clarity.

On my opposite arm to support this I have the word 'sauvée' which is french for 'saved'. This shows how I have battled many things yet I have still come out alive, seen beauty and been saved.

 My next two (yep in a pair again) were again on my forearm and my right shoulder, which I had around Easter. On my forearm I have the word 'Faith' shaped in a cross. It represents how I still have faith in the world and myself, there shouldn't be a day that goes by where you don't. Every day I see this upon my arm and I am reminded, faith is much bigger than my fears.

 Along with this I had another tattoo that I had planned for a while. It's my tiny heart upon my right shoulder. Now although this seems so small and simple I actually created some hassle behind this one, it took me months to decide exactly where I wanted it, haha. This heart represents the people important to me, something I've never told anyone but I feel like then they're always with me. Along with it being super cute!!

 After that I have one of my favourite ones, cherry blossom on the top of my back. This one I got for my Nana. I can remember the day I told her I was planning on it because it's lucky in Japan and she was over the moon because she to loves cherry blossom. After seeing her reaction and how happy she was, I knew it was meant to be for her.

 And then came the beginning of my sleeve! Something I've always been extremely excited for! It took a while to decide if I 100% wanted to go for it but as soon as I had decided that was it, I was itching. I knew I wanted something on the lines of flowers and mandalas in a spiritual sense, along with being different and unique to me. To begin my shoulder I opted for roses however my tattoo artist designed them to be petite and pretty. I then carried on my sleeve with my next piece on the back of my arm which was the beginning of the mandalas. In this in incorporated a sunflower which represents faith, happiness and hope.

Other little Tattoos I've had done since involve a small heart upon my wrist with two tiny stars.This one is in memory of my best friend Volkan who sadly passed away at the end of last year. The heart is split in two, which also shows a 'V', along with he two little hearts which represent how he is always with me.

I've had the saying 'inner peace' in the inside of my right arm. This one was an impulse moment after I had done my skydive at the start of the year. I was in a point of my life where I felt myself falling into more inner peace that I ever had, I'd also been getting into yoga more than I ever have.  So I wanted to get it there as a reminder. Whenever I'm struggling or doubting myself, I can look at that and remember you can always turn to yourself for guidance.

I've also had 3 little paw prints on my right ankle (It bloody hurttt!!!!!) but these represent 3 things (one for each paw), one being my two dogs, my love for dogs, and lastly I got them at a time my best friend had lost his. They're in reminder but also a sense of comfort, a hope of new beginnings and the excitement of the future.

So that's it! And yessss, I plan to get lots more, I want to finish off my sleeve which I have planned and knowing me end up on my other arm too... Haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post, slightly different, I know! It was actually quite hard to write as not a lot of people know the full meanings behind all of my tats. But there you go!

Lots of love and hugs,

Holli x


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