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How I Deal With IBS!

Evening Chickpeas, so yeah, I've been bloated and in pain for the past 4 days, DELIGHTFUL. IBS it is...
 I ain't gonna lie to ya I hate it with a passion. 

With. A. Passion.

If you don't know IBS is a very common gut disorder causing abdominal discomfort, bloating, and bowl habits such as constipation and diarrhoea. You may suffer with one or the other or both, it's also very common with many people.

Living with IBS has altered my life in many ways and has effected me physically and physiologically. It's something I'm only just managing to get control over. It's a complete road of ups, downs and trail and error for sure! Any flare ups have prevented me from going out, knocked my confidence and caused severe pain. It can also make me incredibly grumpy. Which ain't the nicest.

Anything can set off my tummy from foods, to stress, to lack of sleep, to certain movements and activities. So identifying these certain triggers and finding ways in minimising them or dealing with them has been the only option.

I know I lot of you deal with either IBS or digestive issues, so I wanted to share some of the things I've changed, done or things I've used in order to help ease symptoms and deal with my IBS.

Identifying Foods

Certain foods are the main culprits for setting off IBS symptoms and pain. But remember not everyone is going to have the same triggers. For me I know that onion, garlic and dairy are massive triggers to my digestive system. Not only that but I've found certain fruits such as apples and bananas which are high in natural sugars tend to set me off if consumed in large quantities. Sometimes it could be gassy producing vegetables such as broccoli, peas, cabbage, cauliflower etc. But again it's an individual, I'm perfectly fine with broccoli but I know people who aren't at all!

I also have to be careful with high fat foods, again this could be different for you. But I know too much avocado or nuts my tummy just cannot digest them as well!

It's a trail and error like I said, if you know after eating something you get symptoms try eliminating it or reducing it and see if you feel any better! Or keep a food dairy to see if you notice any patterns.

Water Intake

Having a low water intake is one of the worst things for IBS, especially if you suffer with constipation. Making sure you get the efficient amount of water, keeps the digestive system moving and soothes the stomach. Be extra cautious of water intake if you're exercising and sweating a lot, remember to replenish your body with enough fluid. On the note of liquids, sometimes you might have to be careful of certain things such as caffeine, fizzy drinks and alcohol. These could make symptoms of diarrhoea constipation worse, along with causing gas and bloating!

Enough Sleep

I've found that when I don't get enough sleep my digestion and tummy issues are so much worse! Making sure you get a good night sleep with a regular sleep pattern is so important. If you're struggling with sleep, you could try a few things such as having a specific wake up time to keep a routine, switch of your phone/laptops half an hour before sleeping to allow your mind to winds down and relax, avoid eating too late or drinking caffeine, try diffusing oils such as lavender and clary sage, which have both helped with my mood, sleep and digestion!

Optibac Probiotics 

I never promote product I don't truly believe in however this product is one a swear by!

 Optibac One Week Flat probiotics have helped my IBS and bloating issues massively. Their One week Flat probiotics come in little sachets which you simply add to water and take each day, you can get a weeks or a months course! You can get probiotics in a tablet form however the sachets have by far helped me the most. They help replace the good bacteria in your gut, with a combination of live cultures, the daily dose of 5 billion. I would honestly recommend Optibac to anyone with digestive issue or IBS! They have helped me, my pain, discomfort and confidence so much!


When it comes to IBS movement and exercise could be something that helps massively some days and destroys you the next. I know if I stop moving it could cause a flare up however if I am having a very bad tummy day going and doing something such as heavy sprints.... Ain't the right answer.

So that is where yoga has helped me so so so much! Yoga allows me to move my body in the least strenuous way. there are vary twists and poses I can incorporate into a flow which I know for sure are going to help soothe my digestive system. So if you're having a icky day, give yoga a go! Try this 10 minute flow for the digestive system!

I hope this post has helped a few of you also suffering with IBS and how to tackle it! Let me know how you also deal with your tummy issues. For now I'm going to curl up with a hot water bottle and cover my pregnant looking belly. Haha.


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