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Yoga Is For Everyone! | Why YOU can do Yoga

Before I begin this my lil chickpeas, I want to state, this blog post is for everyone. Young, old, small, tall, flexible, non-flexible, runner, body builder, cross fit, yogi, non-yogi. It's for you all. 

I'm going to talk about my yoga journey today.

 I remember way back to the beginning, when I attempted yoga. It didn't start pretty. It was one of them things, I'd lust over, seeing the far too bendy, yogi girls over Instagram doing crazy handstands and crow poses. My mind would be baffled. I never thought I could have the patience or time to even practice and allow my body to do things like that. I thought that's all yoga was. I also believed you needed a class to be able to learn yoga, which I didn't have. I believed you had to instantly be flexible. I thought it was just one of them things that came naturally.  

Oh how wrong was I... I want to tell you why. 

Your Journey 

Firstly, the point of yoga isn't being able to balance on your head, touch your nose to your knee or have lots of pretty yoga pants to wear. It goes way deeper than that. 

It's a personal journey. It's something that is extremely unique to you. You make it what you want to make it. It's a brilliant way of reconnecting with your mind and body, for me it's helped me rediscover myself in ways I never imagined possible. I think that's a chance we should all open up to. I'm not saying it's for everyone but if you have a slight inclination that you want to try, go for it!

I first began yoga, not really having a clue. So I started by following a few YouTube tutorials, mainly morning yoga and beginner ones. Steffy White Yoga and Cat Meffan.  These allowed me to begin learning some of the basics and began to give me a insight to my body I'd never had. Especially when I started to incorporate it into my mornings, I suddenly felt so much more alive. I began to learn to phrases and different 'yoga' terms, I became aware of what a Sun Salutation was and Downward dog, haha.


The more I started following these tutorials, the more a realised how amazing it was making me feel. I realised that yoga wasn't all about being able to do a pose, it was about moving your body in a way that felt good to you and the more you practice the more you realise this. These things don't come overnight, just like wanting to run a marathon or squat 100KG. These things take practice and I can honestly say Yoga is one of the most beautiful practices I have come across. It bring and peace to your body and mind like no other.


If you feel yourself stressed for whatever reason, even just stopping to take 5 minutes of yoga, I can assure will help. During Yoga you learn to become aware of your breath which surprisingly helps change your mindset and emotions more than you realise. Slowing down to take long, deep, full breathes can help us in centring our attention to the present moment, helping quiet our minds and focus on positive intentions. You can even use yoga's breathing techniques as a general stress reliever throughout daily life.  Yoga can be part of your lifestyle, not just on the mat.


Yep. Yoga has gained me so much strength, especially in my upper body and helped my muscles massively.  It makes me laugh the shock people get when they realise how hard yoga can actually be, in terms of strength. It can be a tough old workout!

The thing is when we practice yoga your body is being tested in a whole new way, you're being asked to use and support your own body in various poses. Sometimes holding and engaging muscle for these for a large amount of breathes is a tough one! With regular practice you will see your strength in your core, arms, back, legs, glutes all improve! This will help anyone from weight lifters, runners, swimmers, to anyone day to day!


The one thing we know yoga is associated with however like I've stated yoga isn't about being able to get your foot around your head or perform the splits. Flexibility is about reaching your own limitations. Every yoga pose and style will increase your flexibility over time the more practice, meaning any level of yogi can benefit. By practice you'll notice you'll be able to get deeper in each posture and open up even more each day. (Oh I can remember the days my hamstrings were the tightest things EVER) This development over time will help your range of movement along with reliving and soothing muscles, while reducing the risk of any injury.

Do it anywhere!

The one thing I've always loved about yoga is I've actually been able to teach myself. All you need is a space, your body, breathe and mind. Then you're good to go. You can do it anytime and anywhere. (I've even gone as far as on the train and regularly in my underwear! Haha) Trust me once you start it's addictive. You realise it can be brought into so many aspects of your life... not just an hour at your yoga group.


Yoga has certainly brought more mindfulness and self awareness. It's strange how you become aware of your body, breathe, life, what you want and what you body can do. You start to listen to your body more than ever before. It brings a sense of peace with yourself and everything around you. This has an impact on your emotional well being along with your physical.

Have fun with it! 

There are no rules and it's no competition, it can be whatever you want it to be! Allow yourself to let loose a little, laugh at yourself when you fall, go upside down, move in the craziest ways possible, become a child again, do whatever it is you fancy! Just let go and be free, and always smile.

Push yourself! 

As I said above yoga can actually be a pretty tough workout, depending on the type of yoga you choose to do, as some are gentler than others. All have their own benefits for various things. But if you pick a 'vinyasa' or 'power' class, trust me you'll feel it, they can certainly be athletically and physically demanding. You can honestly get a full workout from a yoga practice, something that can be 10 times more satisfying than a gym session.

The biggest sense of achievement! 

One of my favourite parts of yoga is the sense of achievement it bring to my mind and soul. I love all of the parts of yoga, however being able to suddenly see your body do something you never ever imagined possible is the most amazing feeling on the planet. Even the smallest of things bring highlight to your mind that your body is changing with strength, flexibility and balance. I can remember the first time I was able to do a headstand, it took me god damn weeks and weeks of trying and failing, falling, laughing. Then the one day I finally held it! Oh my god! I was the happiest person ever! Now whenever I come across something my body just cannot possibly do, I know in time it will allow me, with practice.

I don't think I've ever found such joy and excitement from any other type of exercise.

So yes! Yoga is for everyone, and that is why. Honestly, anyone can give it ago and appreciate all of the benefits. Even if you start with 5 minutes a day, you'll soon realise you want to practice more and more.

If you want anymore yoga style posts please do let me know!!


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