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Confidence Chat: Do Something Everyday That Scares You

'Fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up' 

I live by this quote. So I thought I'd allow it spark up a blog post. Yeah the ones where I pour out what's in my heart. Be prepared.

Fear one of the most powerful emotions so I believe. It kinda intertwines with most things we face with daily. It's true to say, a little bit of fear is perfectly normal and healthy, it makes us human... however sometimes we can be completely overtaken by fear and anxiety, only to be left feeling deflated. I know it's stopped me many of times in various points in my life.

 But I now would much rather use it as a motivator and you can too! I love the thought of doing something every day that actually scares you. The type of things you realise weren't as bad as you thought they were gonna be. The type of thing to keep you on your toes.

Over the past months I have come face to face with fear. I've decided it's time to kick it right where it hurts. I've battled my Eating disorder more than I ever have, took risks in my career, said yes a lot more than usual, not let my anxiety stop me leaving the house, tried new things in terms of fitness and even jumped out of a flipping plane!!!

It's the whole idea of feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Convincing yourself you're not actually afraid. And I mean this could be in any aspect or form of your life. Whether you're scared of starting your new job because of not getting on with your colleagues, taking an exam in fear of failing, moving house and worried of all the stress, new relationships in fear of accepting people, meeting an old friend in fear of not getting along again, trying a new workout in fear of it going wrong, starting a blog worrying it'll go wrong, having enough money to support a family or pay the rent, trying new foods because you're used to the same things. The list is endless.

So here it is, the good old cliche, do something every day that scares you! Let the fear flood your mind and body, then embrace the adrenaline and motivation it gives you to push past them barriers.

Know that despite sometimes it's taking your breath away and feeling like you're drowning, you'll soon swim to the surface, be able to catch your breath again and everything will be okay.

 Your new job may be what you've always wanted and you may settle in like never before. On a result day you might actually do better than what you expected. The fear of everything that goes wrong with your house will flood away when you're finally settled and happy. The new workout may boost your confidence and reduce you plateauing in the future, and who cares if you fail? You go on to learn from it. If you want to start a blog go for it! Don't worry about whats wrong and right, just write from the heart and you cannot go wrong! Oh and that new food you're gonna try just go for it, it's fun and exciting to experience new tastes and flavours whether you like them or not. Oh and that new person you're scared of letting in? Again, go for it. You have nothing to lose right? And you may realise how much you want them to be a part of everyday. They may make you the happiest you've been.

Truth is, despite my lil ramble... Fear doesn't always have to shoot you down, instead it can set you alive. It can push you to do new and exciting things. To see life in a different perspective and go for things you never ever would've imagined.

I never believed I'd be where I am now today. I've only done that through fear. Once upon a time it haunted me. It kept me hid away, it prevented me from things I've found so much excitement and joy in but now? Now it's given me life!


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