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Finding Motivation To Move Your Ass!

Motivation is one of the biggest hurdles in life. Whether it be motivation to exercise, work, eat healthier, or even getting round to doing the washing up. Ask yourself how many times have you used the phrases 'I can't be bothered' or 'I'm too tired'? Probably too many times. Most of the time the reason we struggle to motivate ourselves is because we don't actually enjoy doing something or like I've said we 'can't be bothered'.

Being active and exercise is probably one of the biggest downfalls for many of us, yet it's one of the most important things to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Over the past few years I've become a slight fitness fanatic and for me going to the gym and being active is like a drug. Without it I'm a right ratty bugger. I love what I do and do it because I love it, I actually very rarely have to motivate myself! However I know this isn't the case with everyone, some of us find it incredibly hard to get our butts moving.

 But trust me even the most motivated of people like myself get unmotivated, I have bad days and I've been in that slump where I really cannot be bothered. I found it quite difficult to pick myself back up but it's not impossible. Many of us will bit hit by situations, stress or illnesses and find it hard to get back on the bandwagon or sometimes we just have a bad day stopping us from even considered moving.

So how do you pick yourself back up? How do you motivate yourself when you'd rather hide under your duvet all day or collapse on the sofa and binge watch Netflix?


Goal setting is one of the biggest and important things I do! I know that if I set a one or two goals, it gives me a better focus. That means I'm not wasting energy or time on things that don't matter yet working on achieving something I truly want. Whether it be doing your first pull up, squatting 100kg or beating your 10k running time! If you have something in mind you'd like to do you'll more likely stick to it! If you have to, go and write them down and even tell people about them. Take progress pictures and watch how far you come. Plus you'll feel great when you can look back and
watch your progress grow! You'll be amazed at just how much motivation this creates!

 Just make sure they're realistic telling yourself you want to be doing 100 press ups under a minute by next week just ain't happening...


Finding inspiration in others is one of the biggest things that gives me a kick up the bum. I find it in many other fitness enthusiasts or people who have reached similar goals to my own. Whether they inspire me with their transformations, achievements, words, posts, workouts, recipes, whatever! It always encourages me to try new things, keep growing and learning.

Try something new 

If you're stuck in the same old rut, doing the same old routine and find yourself bored, try something brand new and completely different! Be brave and do something you haven't done before whether it be biking, skiing, spin, pilates, swimming, yoga, weight lifting, basket ball, cross fit, dancing around your kitchen, or even hoola hooping (which I love) . Mixing it up a little bit and trying new thing will certainly keep your brain going and who knows you may find something you absolutely love!

Join A Class

If you're struggling to push yourself enough and finding yourself bored, why not try a class? It's a great way to mix things up and you'd be surprised how the energy of everyone else around you keeps you going. Try a HIIT or Zumba or Pilates! Whatever floats your boat, plus if everyone else around you is trying their hardest, you'll not want to be giving up any time soon and you'll probably end up doing more than you imagined.

Jazz Up the Workout Gear

I always know if I'm feeling a little less motivated if I switch up my workout leggings or buy a crazy new sports bra I'm itching to itch the gym. So whether you're a gym bunny, a running lover or a little swimming fish. Treat yourself to some sexy new leggings or some new kicks. You'll be surprised how much of a boost it gives you!

Little and Often 

Some of us don't want to go all out and kill ourselves for an hour, sweating and panting. Lets be honest pushing yourself incredibly hard for an hour or two and then sitting on your bum the rest of the time, will alter your mind set and dull down your motivation. Although I do like to push myself through a sweaty workout, some days that really isn't on the cards, so I ensure I live an active lifestyle. Start changing your mindset in being the most active you can, walk to the shops instead of driving, stretching when you wake up and before you sleep, taking your children to the park or if you're as mad as me using the kettle as a timer for as many burpees possible!


Probably the most underrated thing within all of us, appreciating what our bodies can actually do. We all spend so much time trying to motivate ourselves to exercise down to our appearance.  We constantly have in mind that we want to change ourselves and be something other than what we are. Obviously seeing your body change and transform is good up to some extent, hence why I love bodybuilding however if getting worked up over a bit of extra fat or the size of your thighs is the only thing you focus on, it can become a little be daunting. Instead focus on the wonderful things your body can do, the way it feels and the satisfaction this gives you.

Most importantly remember to ALWAYS love what you do.


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