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You Can't Please Everyone - Do What You Love

Once upon a time I believed that I had to please everyone. I shied away from the world believing if I was anything but what people perceived me as no one would actually like me. I tried my best to fit in with everyone around me as much as possible. I always felt like I had to be this 'perfect' idea of what the world saw. IT's like we are all following some sort of clan... which only made me less confident.

  Luckily as I've grown older and come close with many, many idiots, I've learned the only important person is yourself. If you're running around attempting to please everyone around you yet still  finding your own mind and happiness is completely off track, something isn't quite right. I now walk around like a crazy lady with a constant smile on my face, laughing and joking, being myself and not trying to make everyone else like me but accepting and loving the people which do.

Recently I've had a few negative comments towards my blog and what I post regarding social media, i.e health & fitness. Which is okay! Once upon a time it would have affected me massively however like I said you cannot please everyone! But I would just like to take this post in order to clarify a few things. 

Firstly my blog is a health & fitness related blog, so why would I post something completely different? It would be a little strange if I started posting about sewing now wouldn't it, but hey if that's what pleases you, you're reading the wrong posts.   

I'm actually working in the fitness industry, it's become my career and my passion. So having comments claiming you shouldn't be doing what you're doing is slightly disheartening. I want to establish that whatever we have been through in our pasts does not define our futures and impact every single decision we make. Plus I'd be a pretty silly personal trainer if I went around telling a client to go sit on their bum... Haha.

Through everything I do I try to advise, help and spread as much positive energy as I possibly can. I never bring down or post something in which suggests people should be or feel bad about what they do in life or what they eat. I've been there believe me and it's my aim to show people that it really doesn't have to be that way. 

I love my food for the first bloody time in my life! I found such a wonderful balance. I love to cook, I love experimenting and recipe testing. I love finding inspiration in others and other cuisines. I love nourishing my body with delicious and nutritious food and I never ever feel deprived of anything! I hope to one day write my own recipe book and inspire some of you with own creations! And that's what I'll do.

Health, fitness, being active, and loving myself have all become such a huge part of my life and many others! However remember just one thing, what you see regarding blogs and social media isn't someones whole life. My life varies from day to day I train hard and try to be as active as I can because it make me feel bloody bad ass however some days I'll cuddle up with the biggest blanket, my doggies and not move off the sofa until It's time for some ice cream (because hey it's great for the soul) I love the gym being part of my life but I also love the rest of my life. And all of that is okay because it makes ME happy.

So overall I just want to share with you that when you've found something you love and something you're passionate about, please do not give up on it. You won't please everyone and there will always be someone who will find something bad to say, even if there isn't anything bad about it. What you will find is by being yourself, you'll find more people who love the same things as you, and through that you'll shine through together. More people love you than not. 

Stick with what you love, do what makes you happy and (excuse my language) but f*ck everyone else.


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